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How to Clean a Phone Speaker?

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One of the questions on the minds of millions of phone users is the how could one clean a phone speaker. Cleaning the speaker is of great importance for the efficiency of phone use.

The indispensable communication tool of our age has now become the telephone. The first home phones were replaced by mobile phones over time. Now, with mobile phones, we can talk via video instead of just calling the other person. In addition to these, we can now do most of the things we can do on computers and televisions with our phones. We can now watch movies or videos, listen to music and play games with our mobile phones.

How Do I Clean a Phone Speaker?

We all want quality audio activities with our phones. The most important factor that determines the sound quality of our devices is the quality of the speaker on the phone. Even if the speaker of the phone we bought is at a high level, we should pay attention to use it properly and keep it intact so that the efficiency of the speaker does not decrease because of all the dust and dirt and we can use it for a long time.

One of the issues that we need to pay attention to in order to prevent the decrease in sound quality of our phones is to ensure that they are always clean. When we are to clean a phone speaker or to clean all phone parts, we should not use liquid or compressed air. Liquids or compressed air can damage our device.

We can clean a phone speaker with objects that we can access easily. We can list brushes at the beginning of the products that we can use for cleaning. The brush we will use to clean the speaker should be a soft brush. We can clean a phone speaker by moving the brush slowly over the speaker on the handset and other parts of our phone speaker.

One of the other arguments we can use for speaker cleaning is a toothpick. The toothpick will help us a lot in cleaning the dirt in the speaker holes. The point we should pay attention to when cleaning the speaker with a toothpick is that we do the operation with soft movements while using the toothpick, and do not apply pressure to the phone speaker with a toothpick.

We can get the dirt particles out by inserting the toothpick into the holes where the dirt is located without applying pressure and tilting it ideally. If we do not pay attention to the movements we have made while cleaning with a toothpick, our loudspeaker may become completely unusable with a high pressure we can apply. It is vital for our phone’s speaker to pay attention to this issue.

We can use it on tape for speaker cleaning. First of all, we will need to carefully stick the silicone tape to the speaker of our phone. So the tape will penetrate the speaker part. Then we can pull the tape slowly from the speaker of our phone. Thus, although there is no detailed cleaning, we can ensure that the dirt accumulated on the speaker is cleaned by sticking to the band. You can also try Xiaomi solution for this issue.

While you are at it, if you wish to clean your device as a whole, we believe How to Clean the Phone in the Most Correct Way? content will be very helpful.

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