How to Enable Live Blur on Volume Panel in Android 12?

Android as an OS is full of mysteries and features to discover, surprising many of us in some way. Some can be enabled with a little tinkering in user interface, like the famous “Android version” easter egg that we all would do when we receive a new major version or simply bored; and some require much deeper changes, like this specific one. Not very surprisingly enough, a Chinese developer was able to get blurred background, which was a thing on Android 10 and 11, on 12th major version of Android even though it’s only for volume panel – along with 4 Magisk modules for easier use and possibly different preferences for it!


Though, this is a work in progress, and unexpected things, ranging from simple usability problems up to boot issues, might occur if something doesn’t go right. If you face an issue due to this module, make sure to report this to the developer so they can try to fix it.

Several custom ROM developers might already be working on implementing this on their OS as well. If you’re unsure if they will actually do so, make sure to ask them about it. Pay attention that Magisk modules conflicting with specific ROM features most probably will cause issues mentioned above on the ROM you’re using.

If you’re sure about these 2 disclaimers above and still want to go on, you need to make sure of a few things to avoid majority of issues;

  1. Your device must be on Android 12, obviously.
  2. Your current ROM must be as close as possible to AOSP. MIUI, ColorOS, and such are not supported. Highly customized ROMs like dotOS might work, but not guaranteed to.
  3. Your ROM must be rooted with Magisk, for sure. Custom recovery isn’t too big of a requirement – don’t laugh at me, there are devices that don’t have custom ROMs and given GSIs’ existence, you can simply install a GSI build/port of a custom ROM through fastboot – but you would be a step ahead in case your device refuses to boot after flashing, or using, a Magisk module. You can also boot to safe mode so you have all Magisk modules disabled at once so you can uninstall the faulty module as well, but it’s more of a hassle compared to use of recovery mode.

If you meet these prerequisites, let’s begin with installation process.

Installing Magisk Module for Live Blur on Volume Panel

First of all, download the variant you wish from here. Each variant is named for their blur radius in pixel basis, so make sure you go with correct variant you want. You can check the screenshots at the beginning of this post if you want to see examples of them.

Once download finishes, transfer the file to your phone if you have downloaded it from your PC, open Magisk app and go to “Modules” tab, the puzzle icon.

Now choose “Install from storage” from the very top of the menu, and locate the module you have downloaded or transferred just now.

Files- Locate the file

Once you choose the file, the installation will start. It shouldn’t take too long for it to install as this is a pretty small module. As soon as it installs, hit the “Reboot” button that will appear at the bottom right corner of your screen. Keep in mind that you can delay reboot process and install more modules, but I don’t recommend you to do so because, from my personal experience, installing possibly conflicting modules without rebooting and seeing their effects individually mostly causes severe damages to usability of the system.

Once you hit the reboot button, if everything goes right, your device should boot properly and you should have blur in volume panel now! As of now, there’s no way to tune this manually, and if you don’t like the variant you have chosen, because of the way Magisk works, you need to remove existing module, install new one and reboot the device when you need to switch variants.

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