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How to Flash Fastboot ROMs on Xiaomi?

If you have a Xiaomi device, it’s useful to know what “Fastboot ROM” is. Sometimes your device doesn’t receive an update, you stay with the old version and wait desperately. Or your device is stuck bootloop and won’t turn on, you need to fix that. In this case, you should install a fastboot ROM. Fastboot ROM is a package that contains system, vendor and other important images of your device. It’s considered a more advanced version of the recovery ROM.

Alright, how to flash fastboot ROM on Xiaomi device? Let’s get started then.

Firstly, you should install our MIUI Downloader app.

MIUI Downloader | News & Apps
MIUI Downloader | News & Apps
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

Installation Steps

  • Open the MIUI Downloader app. Choose your device. Choose the version and click “older versions”. Fastboot option will appear. Select and download.
  • Move .tgz archive file to your computer and extract it. Now, you ready installation, but ADB/Fastboot libraries must be installed on your device. If you don’t know that, guide is here.

  • Now, you need MiFlashTool for installation. Download link here. In fact, you can install fastboot ROM without using the MiFlashTool. Reboot bootloader mode and run flash_all.bat file. Wait for it to finish and fastboot ROM flashing is complete. We will continue after this stage with MiFlashTool.


  • Now, reboot into bootloader mode and connect phone to PC. Open MiFlashTool app.

  • Choose “select” button, find your fastboot ROM folder and attach.

  • Selections will appear in the lower right corner. Choose “clean all” (flash_all.bat) if you are going to do a clean flash. If you want only update system and keep your internal storage, choose “save user data” (flash_all_except_storage.bat). Finally, if you want lock bootloader an back to the stock, select “clean all and lock” (flash_all_lock.bat).

  • If you are ready now select “flash” and start process. It will take 5-10 minutes. Once finished, your device will reboot. And that’s it! You are successfully installed fastboot ROM.

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