How to Know If Xiaomi Products Are Original 2022

How to know if Xiaomi products are original has long been a big controversy among those who want to verify their product. Xiaomi has not only been producing smartphones. They also been developing unbelievable gadgets from smart home devices to simple daily electronics. Let’s look at its rivals. They are developing more or less the same products and using pretty much the same tech inside the product. But what makes Xiaomi special? The answer is simple: Affordability. Xiaomi knows what their consumers want. So, they combines quality with lowest price possible. However, as the prices stay low, we have more possibility of production and distribution of fake products.


Some brands found a solution to help consumers determine whether their products are original or not by putting holograms on boxes or writing one-time-usable verifying code inside the box etc. But when it comes to Xiaomi’s products, how you can be sure if it’s original? Where should we look at? Keep scrolling and find out How to Know If Xiaomi Products are Original

If you did not purchase Xiaomi devices from Xiaomi official website and want to check if your Xiaomi smartphones or other Xiaomi devices are fake or original, continue to reading this Xiaomi verification guide, it will solve your problems.

Since Xiaomi smartphones are cost-effective, more people around the world like Xiaomi and willing to be a Mi fans. Because Xiaomi just sells part of their products on the international website or some desired Xiaomi devices are out of stock on the official site, people living outside of China purchase Xiaomi devices from some marketing websites like Gearbest, Amazon, eBay, etc. Therefore, some Xiaomi users may have problems on how to check the Xiaomi devices are original or fake. It is difficult to distinguish fake Xiaomi device from its appearance and configurations, so here are 4 reliable verification methods for Xiaomi users:

Verify your Xiaomi smart device on Product Authentication.

Product Authentication is an official verification website for Xiaomi product, so it’s reliable for you to verify your Xiaomi device. In this website, you can check in 2 ways

1. Use the 20-digit security code to check any Xiaomi product.

This way is suitable for any Xiaomi product, like Mi tablet, Bluetooth earphone, electric shaver, electric toothbrush and so on. The security code is located at the back of Xiaomi product’s package box. Here we use a Xiaomi Mi power bank 2 as an example: scratch off the coating to obtain the 20-digit security code of the Mi power bank 2.

Then enter the 20-digit security code to check if the power bank is real or not.


-Each security code matches one Mi product and belongs only to you.

-If your security code had previously been entered by someone other than you, your Mi product might not have been purchased from official channels.

Not all Xiaomi products have security codes. For example, If you purchase a Xiaomi 5S smartphone from Xiaomi official website, there has not a security code on the box. I checked it with IMEI and S/N number, verify with Mi verification app and check through MIIT official website, all results say my Xiaomi 5S is real.

2. Verify your Xiaomi phone with IMEI and S/N number.

First of all, find the IMEI number of your Xiaomi phone. Then get the IMEI and S/N number at the back of phone/battery/packaging box.

After that, enter the IMEI and S/N number (do not omit the sixth characther “/” of S/N number) to verify your Xiaomi smartphone.

Check your Xiaomi phone through MIUI version and MIIT Verification Site.

MIUI version and MIIT verification are two useful methods for checking whether your Xiaomi smartphone is real or fake. Here are some verify tips for your reference.

3. Use MIUI version to check Xiaomi phone

After you have done the Mi Verification step, check out the MIUI version installed in the device by Settings About Phone. Compare the MIUI version in your device with MIUI ROM uploaded on Official MIUI Download page. If you are able to match both the MIUI version then you have official MIUI ROM installed. You will be able to receive OTA update if you are having official MIUI ROM in your device.

If you Mi device was pre-installed with tampered ROM. You can clearly see that the MIUI version is odd and they cannot be found in the download page. Some Mi fans reported that they have not received any single MIUI update, ROM full with virus and spyware, apps get downloaded automatically and overlay advertisement. If that’s the case you might have tampered ROM installed in your device. A tampered ROM (also known as unofficial ROM or fake ROM) is a ROM that has been modified by individuals to have different features or settings.

Also there is one small difference that almost no one notices. It is the extra number at the end of the version number.

For example:

V13.0.0.1.SLCTRXM – Original

V13. – Fake

But do not confuse .DEV (Weekly Beta) versions of firmware with fake firmware versions.

For example:

V13.0.0.1.SLCTRXM – Original

V13. – Original (Weekly Beta)

V13. – Fake

4. Verify Xiaomi electronic device on official apartment MIIT

The MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) is a Chinese agency responsible for internet, telecommunications, broadcasting, computer, phone and other electronic devices.

If you know some Chinese (just follow the steps below if you don’t know Chinese), you can verify your smartphone (purchased from China) at this website. Before checking your device, you should find the network access certificate of your device. Generally, the network access certificate is posted on the back of the Xiaomi smartphone.

Go to the MIIT website and enter the certificate number and click “Next”.

Then it appears the device’s model automatically, which is the same as the model on network access certificate.

Enter the scrambling and IMEI number and click confirm button.

Finally, the result displayed in red words as shown below. The sentence means the Xiaomi smartphone is original (“是真的” means it’s real; if the sentence says “不是真的”, it means your product is fake).

Above are the verification methods and their processes, hope they will help you.