How to measure heart rate on Xiaomi smartphones?

Xiaomi offers many innovative features with its MIUI interface, and one of them is heart rate measurement. You can directly measure your heart rate using your smartphone, which is quite convenient, and Xiaomi’s approach is appreciated. Some users may not know how to use the heart rate measurement feature. In this article, we will learn how to measure heart rate on Xiaomi smartphones. It will come in handy in your daily life and satisfy you.

Heart Rate Measurement on Xiaomi Smartphones

MIUI 14 has managed to become one of the best user interfaces. Users are enjoying an excellent experience with MIUI 14 in their daily lives. Xiaomi has already started working on MIUI 15, aiming for it to be the world’s best user interface. However, in this article, we will talk about the heart rate feature of Xiaomi smartphones.

How can you measure your heart rate with a Xiaomi smartphone? You will be able to learn how to do this in just a few steps. But it’s worth noting that in order to use this feature, your smartphone must support the on-screen fingerprint reader feature. If you are not using a model with an on-screen fingerprint reader, you won’t be able to use the heart rate measurement.

  • Tap the “Settings app” from the home screen.
  • Then click on “Additional settings“.
  • Finally, click on “Heart rate“. You will now be able to measure your heart rate.

And you will be able to use this feature very easily. Xiaomi loves its users a lot. MIUI interface features are quite remarkable. There are some important details you should know when using the heart rate measurement. We recommend reading this warning; now you have learned how to measure heart rate on your Xiaomi smartphone. The smartphone manufacturer explains the situation as follows:

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