How to pronounce Xiaomi name?

Many people don’t know how to pronounce Xiaomi. With this article, we’ll show you the right thing!

Most people don’t know how to pronounce Xiaomi. They have difficulty because it’s a Chinese name. But it’s quite simple to pronounce. You just need to know the tricks.

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How to Pronounce Xiaomi Correctly

The name consists of two different words, “Xiao” and “Mi”. It consists of the Chinese words “xiao” meaning “small” and “mi” meaning “rice”. Therefore, when pronouncing Xiaomi, we need to emphasize two words in order to read them distinctly.

How do you pronounce xiaomi

In summary, we can read the name like “shau-mee” or “shao-mi”. Both are true. We can easily read the letter “X” as “sh” and “iao” as “hau” or “hao” in English.

For example, the Name can be pronounced “S-hau-mee” or “S-hao-mi” instead of “X-iao-mi”.

Now you know how to read and pronounce Xiaomi. Don’t forget to teach people around you who don’t know how to pronounce!


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