How to switch between different MIUI variants

Follow this guide to switch between the MIUI variants as some variants have plus things over other variants.

You need to have a PC and an unlocked bootloader for this.


  • First of all, download latest Mi Flash Tool.
  • Then, download the fastboot ROM you want to switch to from here.
  • Open Mi Flash Tool.


  • The program somewhat looks like above.
  • Boot your phone to fastboot by; turning it off, then holding power+volume down button.
  • Then hit refresh in Mi Flash Tool and it should show your device.
  • Unpack the fastboot ROM you downloaded direct to C:\ and be sure there’s no illegal characters in the folder name(example spaces or characters like !,&,…)
  • Hit select button in Mi Flash Tool and choose the folder of the ROM you unpacked under C:\ or enter the path manually in Mi Flash Tool.
  • After choosing it, be sure “clean all” is selected in bottom(otherwise it will lock your bootloader!)
  • Then hit on flash and it will start flashing it. Keep in mind that this will factory reset the device, so be sure you backed up your files before.
  • Once the process is done, Mi Flash Tool will say “error:fastboot flash lock is not done”. Ignore that as we already don’t want to lock the bootloader.
  • Phone will reboot by itself.
  • Once it’s booted, it will ask the password of your Mi account if you have it logged in the phone. Enter it to unlock the device.
  • Setup the phone.

And voila; you just swapped from a MIUI variant to another one!

Guide 2

This method is tested and doesn’t always work. Try it on your own risk.

  • Download the recovery ROM of the ROM you want to switch to and the recovery ROM of the MIUI that you are on currently from here.
  • Rename the ROM you are currently on to “”.
  • Go to the updater, tap three dot menu, choose “choose update package” and choose the ROM that you are currently on.
  • Wait for it to finish. Once it’s done, delete that zip and rename the ROM you want to switch to “”.
  • Now tap on update in updater. It should start

Please keep in mind that these things won’t work if you don’t have the bootloader unlocked and try to do it, will brick your device:

CN to IN

IN to CN

CN to Global

Global to CN

Global to IN

IN to Global

If you try any of these, the device will brick. You’re the one that’s responsible.


And voila;you switched your MIUI variant without a pc.

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