How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung S21

One of the issues on the minds of millions of Samsung S21 mobile phone users is how to take a screenshot on Samsung S21. In this article, we aimed to find a solution to this problem that will arise in your mind for you.

How Do I Take a Screenshot on Samsung S21?

One of the most important functions that we can use on our smartphones is to take screenshots. While using our phone, we can take screenshots of the things we want to keep on our phone and save them on our phone, or we can take screenshots in order to access the screens with content that we will use instantly but that we think will be needed again later. While making video calls, we can save the moments that we do not want to be deleted instantly by taking screenshots.

One of the methods we can use when taking a screenshot on Samsung S21 is to perform this action with the hardware keys on the phone. In order to take a screenshot, we need to simultaneously press the volume down button and the power button on the side of our phone.

When the process is successful, after the screenshot is taken, our screen will flash momentarily and inform us that the screenshot has been taken, and the screenshot will be saved on our phone. While trying this method, we need to be careful not to press these two keys at the same time and not to hold them for a long time. Because if we hold it for a long time, instead of taking a screenshot, the menu that we can turn off or restart our phone will appear on our screen.

The other method we will use to take a screenshot of the Samsung S21 is the Palm Swipe method. Using this method, without the need for keys, we can take a screenshot by gently swiping the screen from side to side with the palm of our hand. We can check whether this method is instantly active on our phone by entering the menu of our phone and going to Settings – Advanced Features- Motions and Gestures – Palm Swipe to Capture.

Another way we can use to take a screenshot on Samsung S21 is the voice command scheme. In order to take a screenshot of the Samsung S21, we can open the Bixby voice command assistant by pressing the power button. If we give a voice command to Bixby to take a screenshot, it will perform the action for us. In all the screenshots we have taken, we can turn the screenshot we took into a long screenshot by clicking the long screenshot on the screen that will open after the screenshot process. We can access all the screenshots we took from the Gallery section of our phone.

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