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Take extended screenshots! Long screenshot feature

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Extended Screenshot lets you take a screenshot of the entire application on the screen. Of course, not every application supports the extended Screenshot feature. Screenshots will be distorted when you try to take screenshots in apps that don’t support this. In this article you will learn taking extended screenshots.

How to Take Extended Screenshot on MIUI?

  • Firstly take a screenshot via pressing Vol down + Power button or swiping down via 3 fingers. Then tap the “Scroll” button for taking extended screenshots on supported app. Then, you will see full photo. You can crop the photo like second photo. For saving this screenshot, tap the confirm icon on right-top.

taking Extended Screenshot

How to Take Extended Screenshot on AOSP 12?

On AOSP 12, this feature more stable than MIUI. Also more advanced. For example, when you try to take an extended screenshot in AOSP 12, you can select it from the top and bottom of the screen. But in MIUI, you can only take an extended screenshot from top to bottom. Anyway, let’s get to the steps.

  • Take a screenshot via pressing Vol down + Power button. Then you will see a button named with “Capture more”. Tap on it, then you will see area for like croping photo. In there you can adjust the extended screenshot.

  • After that, if you want to save this extended screenshot; tap the “Save” button on left-top marked with red square. Or if you want to edit this screenshot, tap the edit icon on right-bottom marked with red square on second photo.

That’s how simple it is to take extended screenshots on devices. This feature eliminates taking screenshots one by one. And with this feature, screenshots are more readable compared to screenshots taken one by one. Also if you want to take screenshot in disallowed app, follow this article (requires root).

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