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iOS 16 features that MIUI had for years

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So as most of you do know, Apple did a WWDC recently and it included some big news about iOS 16. Although they made iOS 16 more customizable now, it had some features that MIUI already had for a long time. Today, we will show you these features that MIUI already had for a long time.

We will try to include most of them, but as iOS 16 isn’t out to public yet, we will be going mostly from the WWDC event.

Enhanced Focus Mode

This feature did already exist in older iOS versions before normally, but with iOS 16, it seems that it’s getting a rework on it with some more deeper in-app integrations and such.

MIUI does have a similar feature in fact called as Focus Mode, it doesn’t exactly do what iOS does in this case. It’s like some sort of put your phone away feature, but it did exist in MIUI way before and so on.

As said above, this feature instead completely silences out the phone so you can work efficiently without being distracted out. Although on MIUI, it’s on some deeper settings categories and not directly on the control center like on iOS, so users have some confusion finding it. It’s under screen time section, and shows up when you slide to the right page.

Lock Screen Customization

Apple announced at WWDC that they did add improvements on customizing the lock screen on iOS 16 with many many new features. But well, MIUI had this feature for actual years now thanks to it’s themes. We already made a full detailed article about how to install fancy 3rd party themes on MIUI with and without root, and so you can just use them to customize your lock screen easily on MIUI.

As you can see in the above pictures, MIUI already had the lock screen customizations for a long time now. You just need to use a theme to get a customized lock screen depending on the theme.

And that’s the all new iOS 16 features that Apple announced on WWDC that MIUI had for a long time. We will update this article whenever we find new features on iOS 16 that already existed on MIUI, so stay tuned and follow us.

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