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MIUI 13 India will support new MIUI 13 Widgets!

Xiaomi did not inform about the future of new MIUI 13 widgets at the MIUI 13 Global launch. However, in the MIUI 13 India launch, Xiaomi mentioned that there will be new widget support in the MIUI 13 India version.

India is one of Xiaomi’s biggest markets. MIUI is very important in India as most Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO devices are sold in India. That’s why Xiaomi wants to offer India exclusive MIUI features. New widget features that are not exist in MIUI Global will be available in MIUI India Global version. If you do not know about MIUI versions, you can learn from the article here. The new MIUI Widgets were one of the biggest highlights of MIUI 13. MIUI Global will not have these widget features, while MIUI India will. User hope Xiaomi will bring these widgets into MIUI Global.

The new MIUI Widgets have a very similar design to iOS. These widgets, which have also been added to App Vault, have been greatly improved in terms of design. Android and MIUI widgets are listed separately. This shows how different the new MIUI Widgets have.

MIUI 13 Widgets

Unfortunately, MIUI India will not have as many widgets as MIUI China, but it will have enough widgets and new App Vault features to please the users. MIUI 13 India has not been released yet, so it is not clear which Widgets will be included or not.

The main reason why there is no widget and app vault in MIUI 13 Global is that Google makes its own applications mandatory in the European market. Since the new widgets are based on App Vault, MIUI 13 Global does not have these widgets. In MIUI 13 Global, Google Feed is opened instead of App Vault.

If you are wondering about the MIUI 13 India rollout timeline, you can see it via this link. It should be noted that the Redmi Note 10 and Xiaomi series will receive MIUI 13 first. You can see MIUI 13 Global rollout timeline here. If you are wondering about MIUI 13 highlights, you can find it here.



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