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4 Ways to Fix Battery Drains After New Updates

Time and time again, users make reports of battery drains after new updates. While it is true that some updates may cause this issue, there may also be other reasons behind it. Let us go over these reasons one by one and figure out what is the issue behind the battery drain in your device.

Settle Down after an Update

After the installation of an update and when the device has booted, system starts adjusting to the new update by making certain changes in the background and this process takes a while. And sometimes, even though this process has finished, it takes a toll on the system and something may get stuck working in the background. Reboot your device 10-20 minutes after an update and check if your problem is still ongoing.

Settle Down after an Update

Reduce Bloatware

New updates may bring in new applications and over bloat the system even more than it was. More apps mean more background services and more apps in RAM, therefore you should consider debloating your system and checking up your background processes to see which app is throttling the CPU. There are third party apps that let you analyze CPU usage, and you can find and install them without any fee from Play Store.


Roll Back the Update

If the previously mentioned possible reasons are not your main problem, you should consider checking out comments and feedbacks from other users about this new update. If many users are experience this drain, it is most likely because of the new update and you may want to go back to your old version for a stable user experience. Details of downgrading is specific to each device, therefore you should check out your OEM manual, or get support from your device’s community for this process. Do not try to do it all by yourself as it may result in bricks, or even hardbricks.

Roll Back the Update

Data Wipe

Your old data may be presenting inconsistencies and having adjustment issues to the new update. Even though, system updates are made to not cause these kinds of issues, software is quite a complex system and hard to control every single element of. Even developers from big companies can make mistakes. In order to be sure that your battery drain issue is caused by this, you can try wiping out your data and starting fresh on the new update.

Wipe Data

Hardware Issue

Even though it is very less likely since this issue presents itself after the update, the risk is still there and you should not overlook the possibility that your battery might be tearing down. Battery life tends to get worse over time and it may be time to replace your battery. However, you should always check the battery health before proceeding any further on this solution as it is costly and may not be at all your problem. You can learn more about checking battery health from our other content that go over it in details.

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