New MIUI 13 weekly update brings tons of UI improvements

As we all know, MIUI is a very popular custom ROM for Android devices. The developers at Xiaomi are always working hard to make the ROM even better and the new weekly update is no exception. Some of the new features in this new weekly update include a UI change in certain parts. Overall, it’s another great release from the team at Xiaomi and we’re sure you’ll love it!

New MIUI 13 weekly update with UI improvements

This week with the new MIUI 13 weekly update, we have a lot of UI changes throughout the system and the apps. Xiaomi often releases these weekly updates for their phones which most often include new features, bug fixes, and improvements. These updates are often released on a weekly basis and as such, users are always kept up to date with the latest additions. This ensures that they have the best possible experience with the phone and that any issues are quickly resolved. Let us see what is new in this new MIUI 13 weekly update!

MIUI Package Installer

One of the things that has undergone a whole revamp with the new MIUI 13 weekly update is the MIUI Package Installer. MIUI Package Installer is basically the Android Package installer that was modified and undergone a tons of changes. It is a fast and easy way to install Android applications on your Android device, easy to use and does not require any complex installation procedures. MIUI Package Installer has had a major change and is now completely revamped with a whole new different UI and this is one of the biggest changes in this new MIUI 13 weekly update.


MIUI Weather app is an app that provides weather information, such as the current weather conditions, temperature, precipitation information, and forecasts. The app also provides wind direction, wind speed, and wind barometer data. The app is available on all MIUI systems that comes on Xiaomi devices. With the new MIUI 13 weekly update, it now includes a feedback button in order for users to report any type of issues they may be experiencing or suggesting any improvements.

Secure Mode

MIUI Secure mode is at its core a new feature developed by Xiaomi that relies on software and allows you to keep your device safe away from malicious files, viruses and malware. This mode works as going through all your files including APKs and applications installed in your system and you will get a warning the second any malicious files, malware and virus pop up. On this new MIUI 13 weekly update, Xiaomi has only gone through a UI update for the Secure Mode.

Fingerprint Scanner

MIUI’s Fingerprint scanner is a technology that allows users to unlock their devices and access certain features by placing their finger on the sensor. Using this feature, you can prevent unauthorized access to your device and protect your data from theft or other malicious activities. On Fingerprint scanner side, we are faced with a new and better animation while registering your fingerprint data and a new fingerprint logo in the end.


Google Assistant

Google Assistant is an AI-powered virtual assistant that helps users with a wide range of tasks. With Google Assistant, you can get access to all the information and services that are available on Google Search. You can use it to search for information, control your smart home devices, play music,) read e-books or listen to podcasts,, make calls (including international calls), send messages and more! On Google Assistant side of things on the new MIUI 13 weekly update, there aren’t any major changes. We see a new pop-up message added as an activity into the application.

Incognito Mode

In a world where all our private information is out in the open, anonymity is now a precious matter to all technology users. A lot of apps and websites collect data from our phones to their benefits and violate our privacy as a means to an end. Xiaomi does not go indifferent to this fact and in order to protect its users privacy, it has come up with a new feature called Incognito. This feature is easily accessible through quick tiles in your system.

Privacy Flairs

With the latest updates that came to the Android, we were introduced with Privacy Flairs feature that announce any type of permissions that are used in your device by the installed apps at the top corner of your screen. This feature basically allows you to know what apps are currently using what permissions and detect any suspicious activity going on in the background. This feature is now present in MIUI as well with the new MIUI 13 weekly update!

One other dashing thing that comes with this feature is the animation of this alert. As well as getting an alert for the permission currently in use with an icon of the permission type inside of a rounded rectangle, it also has a neat animation that rushes in a few seconds later. The alert turns into a dot, shining in the dark background, being one more reason to try on this new MIUI 13 weekly update.

File Manager

MIUI File Manager is the stock file manager app for MIUI devices. It allows you to manage files, folders, and apps on your device easily. MIUI File Manager also supports various features such as transfer files between different devices,  display different file types in separate sections and viewing hidden files and folders. MIUI File Manager app now has 4 columns in the Recents section and shows more files at once.

Android Security Patch

Android Security Patch is an important update that’s released by Google to fix security flaws in Android devices. The patch usually arrives with the monthly security update for your device, and it can include updates for components like the operating system, applications, media libraries, or core services .Security patches are always a good idea because they help protect your data from being stolen or compromised by malicious actors. On the new MIUI 13 weekly update, MIUI has updated Android Security Patch to the newest version with this new MIUI 13 weekly update so your device is more secure than ever!


Sidebar is a feature of the MIUI that allows users to add shortcuts of applications that can be used as floating windows to the sidebar on the side of the phone’s screen. It is considered to be one of the most useful features of MIUI, as it gives users a lot of flexibility in multitasking without having to split the screen or switching between apps. On the new MIUI 13 weekly update, sidebar gets a new design and the app list while adding or editing the applications on it becomes horizontal.

Chat Bubbles

Android Chat Bubbles is an amazing interface feature that helps you to communicate with your friends in a more interactive and pleasing way. Android Chat Bubbles can be used in many ways – from interacting with your friends in groups to simply having fun. It makes chatting with your friends equally enjoyable on your smartphone devices. MIUI has had this feature for quite a long time however it still has a lot of work, one being that they need to be rounded up. We see an activity on this feature from Xiaomi side indicating that we might be seeing new changes in the later updates.


This new MIUI 13 weekly update has been quite fruitful in terms of changes throughout the system. There are a lot of UI improvements and while some are minor and some major. Here is a summary of the overall changes that came with the new MIUI13  weekly update:

  • Feedback button added in Weather app
  • New Google Assistant popup was added
  • New Incognito Mode quick settings tile was added.
  • Fingerprint UI redesigned
  • Fingerprint Enrollment UI redesigned
  • Package Installer Secure Mode UI updated
  • Privacy Flairs Now also show when an app had recently used Location, Camera or Microphone
  • File Manager Now has 4 Columns on devices with large screens
  • MIUI might be working on its own Chat Bubbles feature which may be an improved version of the native Android Bubbles
  • Android Security Patch was updated to June 1, 2022
  • Privacy Flairs are now minimized to a dot & clicking on the dot hides the dot/flair for that session & shows a toast that says: “You won’t receive notifications about app behavior during this session”

These features will be available for us in the MIUI 13.5 version. If you wish to know more about MIUI 13.5, check out MIUI 13.5: Feature List – New features added with 22.5.16 that goes in details about MIUI 13.5.

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