New Redmi model Redmi A2 / A2+ Detected in IMEI Database!

The new Redmi model was revealed in the FCC certification yesterday. This model was based on the Redmi A1. There were minor changes in its features. Some of these are upgrades from Helio A22 to Helio P35 SOC. The new smartphone is expected to perform better in certain workloads.

We have researched this new Redmi smartphone in detail. The name of the new Redmi model is Redmi A2 / A2+. This shows that the new Redmi A series model is in preparation. With the information we receive in the IMEI Database, let’s take a quick look at the new Redmi A2 / A2+!

New Redmi model Redmi A2 / A2+ in IMEI Database!

We think the Redmi A1 is not oversold. Xiaomi is considering renewing the remaining Redmi A1’s. Yesterday, the data revealed in the FCC certificate pointed to this. Now the new Redmi model has been spotted in the Redmi A2 / A2+ IMEI Database and is based on the Redmi A1. We will not go further in this article. Here is the Redmi A2 / A2+ appearing in the IMEI Database!

Redmi A2 clearly shows up in IMEI Database. Model numbers are 23026RN54G, 23028RN4DG, 23028RN4DH and 23028RN4DI. The Redmi A2+, on the other hand, has the model number 23028RNCAG. These models will be available in the Global and Indian markets. We won’t see it in China. It will come out of the box with Android 13 Go Edition. We can say that the device will be launched in 1-2 months. Redmi A2 and Redmi A2+ will come. But we don’t know the differences between Redmi A2 and Redmi A2+. For more information, you can read our previous article. So what do you guys think about the Redmi A2 / A2+? Do not forget to share your opinions.

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