Only The Best | 5 Functional Free Telegram Bots

Functional Telegram bots are chat assistants that are very popular with Telegram users. The fact that Telegram is open source helps developers a lot in developing functional Telegram bots. These Telegram bots, which are very used in large groups and chats, are very helpful in managing the chat, chat tools.

Telegram is a very popular messaging application. It is a non-profit platform where privacy is at the forefront. Many communities host their chat groups and channels on Telegram. At the same time, due to this hosting, many group management bots, functional Telegram bots for entertainment, and other functions have been developed. Thanks to these developed Telegram bots, you can easily manage your groups, create stickers and even pull data from certain sites. Among the top 5 Telegram bots, there are 2 group management bots, 1 sticker bot, 1 image search bot, and 1 game bot. You can choose the most useful bot from these bots and use the Telegram bot you want.

Group Manager of Telegram Bots: Rose

Managing Telegram groups becomes quite difficult task without any functional Telegram bots. With Rose, you can manage your Telegram group quite easily. Telegram bot Rose, which has support for more than 20 languages, is a very functional bot thanks to the tools it offers. While you can do automatic admin for you, you can also do human verifications such as CAPTCHA. It also can export chat data. You can protect your group against floods, warn members if they break the rules, and keep important information in your group in notes thanks to notes.

Rose, which has many functional features such as these, is the best of functional Telegram bots by offering a lot of features to manage groups. By clicking here, you can add Rose to your group on Telegram and make adjustments.

Manage and Analyze Your Group in More Detail: Combot

Combot is one of the most popular functional Telegram bots you can manage your group in detail. With Combot you can do everything you do with any other group management bot. But to use Combot, you must first log in to Combot using your Telegram account.

After logging in, you need to set Combot, which offers a wide range of usage, specific to the group. Therefore, it would be better to add it to your group and make the settings before installing the group. Compared to other bots, it has a group analysis feature. It also contains XP and level features. In this way, you can find the most active members in your group and have information about the progress of your group. At the same time, Combot makes a list of the most active groups within itself. Click here to get detailed information about Combot, add to your group, and log in.

Search for an Image in Telegram: Yandex Pic Bot

Owing to functional Telegram bots, you can avoid making extra efforts while messaging. Using images in chats is another factor that can increase the quality of your chats, and it also saves you the trouble of entering the search engine. Typing “@pic anything” in Telegram chat will enable you to use the Yandex Pic bot, and you will be able to search for images in Telegram.

Turn Messages Into Stickers: QuotLy

QuotLy is one of the most fun Telegram bots. Stickers are now an indispensable part of conversations. Sometimes written messages can be beautiful enough to make stickers. QuotLy developers can turn this into stickers by quoting group or personal messages were written on Telegram. You can add these stickers to your sticker packages with the help of other bots or Telegram’s sticker bot. QuotLy, which can quote messages one after another, can change the message color if you want. Click here to start using the QuotLy bot and add it to your groups.

You Can Play Games From Telegram: GameBot

Although there are many game bots among functional Telegram bots, the most popular one is GameBot. For those who want to make your Telegram chats more fun, GameBot, a bot where you can play games in Telegram, is here. This bot, approved by Telegram, offers you 3 different game options. You can play these 3 different games with your friends and compete with each other. It contains three different games: Math Battle, Corsairs, and Lumberjack. To use it, all you have to do comes to the chat of the group or person you want to play with, write “@gamebot” and select the game. Then you can play as you want, you can compete with others.

Telegram turns into a place that is both functional and fun thanks to the bot feature it offers. You can use the best functional Telegram bots to keep your chats active, manage and have fun. Although there are many Telegram bots with similar features, the most popular ones are the functional Telegram bots we have listed. To use Telegram more functionally, you can use these bots and add them to your chats.

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