POCO Product Manager Shared Prototype of POCO Device

Xiaomi’s prototype devices quite a lot available. Xiaomi Product Manager shared one of them on Twitter.

Xiaomi manufacted thousands of prototypes in the production process of a phone. Many of these phones are offered for sale on second-hand sites in China. We share the images and videos of these devices from our Telegram channel. But this moment that took place today was interesting. Xiaomi Product Manager shared a photo of the POCO M4 Pro 5G prototype on Twitter.

When you look at the bottom of the back cover of a black POCO M4 Pro 5G in the photo, we see the text “K16A-P2-GL”. This text shows that it is a device from the final stage of a prototype.

We have seen Xiaomi use prototype devices in promotional videos and advertisements before. The reason why these devices are used so often may be the global chip shortage. It is cost-effective to send a prototype device in the final stages to Xiaomi managers instead of sold-ready devices. Therefore, it is possible to see a lot of prototype devices in the photos shared by Xiaomi managers.

You can visit Xiaomiui Prototypes Telegram channel to see more prototype device photos. Out-of-sale phones, early-prototype devices and more are available here.

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