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Smartphone camera comparison between flagships and Xiaomi 13 Ultra, blind camera test is here!

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PhoneArena shared a set of comparison photos prior to the unveiling of the most powerful camera smartphone, Xiaomi 13 Ultra. No information was given about which phones Xiaomi 13 Ultra was compared with, but we know more or less how today’s smartphones take photos. Phone cameras employ software processes to boost the saturation and brightness of colors in images due to the small size of their sensors and this can sometimes lead to images with an artificial look. The camera features of Xiaomi 13 Ultra are comparable to those on a DSLR camera.

All the photos were taken by Xiaomi team. The photo captured using device A presents a sky that appears more blue than it acutally is, while the photo captured using device B pops out the tree by increasing the contrast. Though such adjustment made to the photos may be aesthetically pleasing to some, the primary goal should be creating an image that looks natural. People can edit their photos on their own, can’t they? Let’s zoom in and see how much of the detail is preserved on each phone.

Zooming in on the images let us to notice how Xiaomi 13 Ultra shoots natural-looking and detailed photos. Devices A and B have applied digital sharpening, making the photo less realistic. Now let’s take a look at some close-up photos.

In these photos, the biggest difference between them can be seen if you pay attention to the background. Again the sky looks most realistic in Xiaomi 13 Ultra’s photo, in addition the photo has taken with wide dynamic range. With the Xiaomi 13 Ultra’s huge 1-inch Sony IMX 989 sensor you can take photos with shallow depth of field, Xiaomi 13 Ultra’s photo has softer and more pleasing background. Note that Xiaomi 13 Ultra’s main camera has variable aperture, f/1.9 at the wide end, and f/4.0 at the long end.

Which devices do you think Xiaomi Team compared to Xiaomi 13 Ultra in this photo comparison? Don’t forget to comment what you think!


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