Phone heating up and draining battery? Try these solutions

Phones are generally known for heating up too much even in normal usage sometimes. And although it seems normal, this might be a sign of that device have some sort of problem on it’s hardware or software.

Is heating is bad for a device? Of course. If the device heats up too much, this can cause to hardware issues in future such as battery degradement, low performance and much more. Try following this guide as it might fix your issues.

1. Check if any app runs in background

If theres an app open in background(or runs without you noticing), there’s a way to check that. Follow the procedure below.
Enter Settings.
Go to “Battery” section.
Scroll down.
You will see the apps that are recently running in background and draining your battery which might be heating the device. Try uninstalling these apps.

If it still didn’t work, continue the process below.

2. Try rebooting

While this might sound a little too basic, it might become useful if phone itself has some bloatware that keeps running in background. Giving a reboot might stop the phone from keep running that bloatware.
If it still continues it, try removing the bloatware.
If it still didn’t work, continue following the procedure.

3. Try factory resetting the device

If none of the above methods didn’t work, it might be a software problem of the phone, which factory resetting the device might fix the issue.
Doing this will erase your all data.
Enter Settings.
Search for “reset”.
Go to “Factory reset”.
Tap “Erase all data”.
Confirm the step.
Your phone will be factory reset now.

4. Try giving it to repair

Still didn’t fix? It might be a hardware problem such as battery or motherboard itself. Try giving your phone to a repair to see if hardware is the failure.

This is all of the steps you can try if your device does heat up too much. If you have any else suggestions, feel free to share it with us.

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