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These New MIUI Launcher Features Are Coming to MIUI 13 in Next Month

New updates are on the way to MIUI Launcher, home launcher of MIUI, the famous user interface of Xiaomi devices. This article is of interest to all Xiaomi users. According to the information in the source codes identified by our team, new features will come in the upcoming updates.

New Upcoming MIUI Features

Pixel launcher-like features will soon come to the MIUI launcher, which is one of the most important parts of the MIUI interface. We can list the new upcoming features as follows.

Advanced Search Engine & App Drawer

This advanced search feature, which we saw on Android 12 and Pixel devices, allowed you to easily search for many things about your phone from the search bar in the launcher. Soon, devices with MIUI interface will also have this feature. The information we have obtained from the application source codes points to this. We can also say that it will come with a more advanced app drawer. Because the notifications in the lines point to this. May even encounter new homescreen layouts.


Quick Finder

The feature called Quick Finder is the more comprehensive version of the new search engine we mentioned above. It’s the same as the S Finder feature on Samsung devices. It allows you to search applications, contacts, files on the device or online from the search section. It looks like a very comprehensive feature and can be turned on or off in the launcher settings.


There is a collaboration with Branch Metrics for the Quick Finder feature, we can see this in the source lines. Branch Metrics is an organization that develops deep linking and attribution solutions. In other words, this algorithm will provide what you are looking for with quick finder on a single page and in all its details. The new MIUI launcher update will be a serious update.


There is a section about POCO launcher at the end of the line. Of course, all these features will come to POCO launcher. You know that POCO launcher is a MIUI launcher-based launcher with only visual differences, they are basically the same.

These features, which are detected in a APK Teardown by Xiaomiui Team, These features may be under development, we think that they will be added along with a big update in the near future. Since the new features are mostly Android 12 exclusive, they probably won’t come to MIUI based on older Android-version MIUI devices, but it’s not clear what Xiaomi will do, maybe it may come to other devices.

This update will come to MIUI launcher first, and then it will come to POCO launcher. Just stay tuned for updates and new news.

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