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What Happens If I Install Custom ROMs Made for Other Device? Solution Here

As advanced users of our smartphones, we probably have all dabbled in custom ROM business. There is a lot of AOSP ROMs, a few Pixel Experience based ROMs and so on for many devices out there. These Custom ROMs can be found in your device communities on Telegram as well as in the section made for your device in XDA but what if you installed one that was not made for your device? Would Custom ROMs completely break your phone?

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How to Unbrick Phone with Custom ROM?

Do not be worried just yet, because Teamwin Recovery Project (TWRP) and other custom recoveries have device check features that inhibit wrongful installations on different device’s Custom ROM and many of these Custom ROMs do a device check at the beginning of the installation process. What should worry you is when these device checks in ROMs are not there, exposing beginners to potential bricks.

In such cases, to increase your chances out of a brick, make sure that you install a stock recovery ROM of your device and proceed with also flashing a fastboot stock one just to be sure. This may sound overkill however it is best to be safe than sorry. If you are confident that your fastboot mode stays in tact, you are good to go with only fastboot installations as well.

Some devices such as Samsung do not have fastboot mode and instead have another system in place. Samsung has Odin Mode, which allows you to flash stock ROMs with the PC application called ODIN. You need to check your devices installation system and apply these steps accordingly.

Fastboot Mode is Not Working, What Should I Do?

It is possible that you may lose fastboot mode with wrong installations. In this case Emergency Download (EDL) mode kicks in as a last resort to revive your device. However, this is a brutal recovery method that requires you to open up your device. Since electronics are complicated and a lot can go wrong, it is highly recommended that you let a professional do this step rather than trying to figure out on your own. If your phone is Qualcomm, you can recover your phone using EDL mode. However, not every device has firehose files compatible with EDL mode. On some devices, it is paid way to install software using EDL mode. It can be recovered by installing stock ROM via Preloader mode on MediaTek devices. On Samsung devices it can be recovered using Odin mode.

However, having these methods does not necessarily mean that your device will be saved. If you install software files that manage the motherboard components of a different phone, permanent damage may occur to your motherboard. For example, some Xiaomi devices completely turned into unrepairable brick with software update. Do not install the Custom ROM of a different phone, as in this world even compatible updates makes devices unrecoverable.

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