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What are Periscope Lens Advantages and Disadvantages?

The periscope lens is not a new technology. In the old years, submarines were used. Many people think of submarine binoculars when they say periscope lens. Submarines can see the above images while underwater. How does do it? Let’s find out this information.

What is Periscope Lens?

The basis of the periscope lens is to see the image with two lenses standing at an angle of 45 degrees. To imagine this, we can think of the letter Z; the end of the letter is the beginning, the other end is the image angle. The image was formed, although not at the same height. An image was formed with two 45-degree lenses.

How to use the periscope lens on submarines, periscope lens draw.

Periscope Lenses and Smartphones

You learned about the periscope lenses. So how does it work on smart phone cameras? People using smartphones want to shot better pictures. More zoom is gives you successful camera shots. Periscope lenses are the ideal solution for further zooming. The zoom becomes optical and is no loss of quality. Phones with a periscope lens have one 45 degree angle lens, unlike submarines. Smartphones camera sensors are placed directly behind the light. Incoming light comes directly on the sensor. The situation is different for smartphones with periscope lenses, the camera sensor is positioned horizontally. The incoming light is reflected through the prism, positioned at an angle of 45 degrees, and the light reaches the camera sensor. In smartphones, the periscope lens used by Huawei. Later Xiaomi and Samsung used this zoom with periscope.

Multiple lenses, a long piece of camera for a larger mm value. Device: Mi 10 Lite Zoom

The prism positioned at an angle of 45 degrees and the camera sensor standing horizontally are shown. Device: Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite Zoom

50mm lens and 120mm periscope lens are compared. Device: Mi 10 Ultra.

Advantages of Periscope Lenses

Everyone can now take pictures with smartphones. Better camera sensors, better lens quality and zoom are absolutely necessary for succesful photo shoots. The easiest solution for periscope lens zoom.

  • Definitely take photos with much more zoom
  • Take clear photos
  • Necessary for nature photos
  • 120mm lens aperture
  • Successful shots for moon photography

Successful shot for far views and shoot the moon. Device: Mi 10 Ultra

Disadvantages of Periscope Lenses

Periscope lens made for zooming on smartphones to give convenience. So is the periscope lens always the best solution? You want to say yes to this question, but not the best. If light comes directly on the prism, the light appears distorted, because too much light blurs and gives bad results. Photos taken in dark scenes may be grainy due to the high aperture.

  • Light are refracted
  • Blurred shoots and low contrast some scenes
  • High lens aperture, grained shoots

Reflected lights and low contrast scenes

Bluring some scenes Device: Mi 10 Ultra

Xiaomi Phones With Periscope Lens

You learned about the periscope lens in history and its use in smartphones. Do you think it is a good idea to buy a device with a periscope lens? Follow Xiaomiui for more technological content.

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