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What is the Camera2API? How to Enable It?

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In order to use Google Camera, Camera2API (HAL3) feature must be turned on our device. If this feature is not active, it must be turned on. You can control Camera2API via GCamLoader, but root is required to open Camera2API. If you have root, it is quite simple to activate with this guide.

Camera2API is a bridge that allows you to take full advantage of Google Camera or another 3rd party camera app on your Android phone. Camera2API was introduced by Google with Android 5.0 launch event in 2015. The main purpose of Camera2API is to improve camera quality by controlling some important camera features such as shutter speed, RAW shooting, white balance.

First of all, we need to understand whether the Camera2API feature is enabled on our phone. Open the GCamLoader application. When you open the application, if it says Camera2API is not enabled with a red text on the screen, it is disabled. You have to use this guide. If Camera2API is enabled is written on the screen with a green text, you do not need to apply this article.

How to Enable Camera2API


Camera2API Enabling GUIDE

  • Open terminal emulator app
  • Type su and enter. Give root permissions.
  • Type setprop persist.camera.HAL3.enabled 1 and enter
  • Type setprop vendor.persist.camera.HAL3.enabled 1 and enter
  • Reboot your phone

Can I enable the Camera2 API without Root permission?

Camera2API cannot be enabled without Root permission. If you have TWRP, you can enable it by adding these lines to build.prop.





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