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What is the reason of System UI isn’t responding error on MIUI 13? Fix here

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One of the most common problems that users face is the System UI isn’t responding error on MIUI 13. This problem usually crops up when the device experiences an unexpected slowdown or getting stuck on a dark, unusable user interface. In this content, we will be covering the reason why this issue might occur and how you could fix it.

Reason Behind the System UI isn’t responding error on MIUI 13

The System UI isn’t responding error is a frequent occurrence on devices running Android. This error usually appears when the device’s system resources are too heavy for it to handle, or when an app, Magisk module or process in the background interferes with SystemUI application. The most common cause of this error is third-party apps and Magisk modules installed in your device such as themes and utilities and it results in your device screen going black, statusbar disappearing and such.

It is important to be aware of the System UI isn’t responding error on MIUI 13 and address it as it might impact your user experience in a negative way. Several factors might contribute to an app causing system instability and leading to the System UI isn’t responding error on MIUI 13. In some cases, this issue can be caused by a distortion on your data. If you haven’t started your MIUI 13 experience with a fresh new installation and you are experiencing this error, you should consider wiping your data.

In other cases, it might also be because of the installation complications or extra software installed in your system. In that case, you should make sure that any external apps or modules are removed or uninstalled to see if the error is caused by them. If none of the solutions above works, it is a strong indication that the software is faulty. If you are on the official MIUI 13 build, you should either wait for the update that will focus on fixing this issue or downgrade to the previous build.

If you are on an unofficial build however, you should consider switching back the official build or trying out another more stable unofficial build. Essentially this error is harmless to your device however, it can make your user experience a torture. If you would like to start fresh on your installation, you should definitely check out 4 Different Ways to Format Your Data! content.

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