What OS does Xiaomi use? Does it use Android?

In today’s smartphone world, there is a lot of confusion among many various systems devices come installed with. The operating system of Xiaomi is also a part of this confusion as it neither looks like pure Android, iOS or anything else for that matter. Android world has become quite divergent to the extend that it may feel like a different operating system, but what they have is only fancy skins that are dressed on Android. Samsung has OneUI, OnePlus has OxygenOS, what about Xiaomi?

Operating System of Xiaomi devices

Xiaomi, one of China’s leading mobile phone companies, uses an operating system which is popular in the country. In almost every single phone model, the operating system of Xiaomi is simply Android. Just like many other brands out there, Xiaomi has decided to go with its own designed user interface that is highly customizable and visually quite pleasing, MIUI. However, MIUI is just a skin dressed on Android, not the operating system of Xiaomi. This user interface looks very similar to that of Apple’s iOS but it is also quite far from being a replica. MIUI also has its own theme store to even further customize the skin that you have as default.

However, it is not just the skin that is different. The brand has also comes up with its own Android features attached to MIUI to make themselves more preferable, such as Mi Cloud that allows messaging over internet, data backups and so on. This interface packs a lot of features inside as well, like revamped dark mode, improved privacy and security tools, new animations, new wallpapers and much more.

Not so long ago, Android had no full screen navigation gestures and MIUI made its own navigation gestures that allowed you to switch apps, go back, go home and such just by swiping through the screen. Overall, we assume it is safe to say that even though these are not exactly operating systems, they most certainly act like such. If you are new to MIUI or want to explore MIUI even further, we suggest you check out our Have You Heard These MIUI Features? content.

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