Why Xiaomi is not available in the USA

Xiaomi is a universally acknowledged brand that produces quite decent devices in an even more decent price range. It even has set up many stores in a lot of countries. However, amazing products of this company is not available in US. Why is that? Let us get into it.

Xiaomi’s stand on US

The reason why Xiaomi doesn’t launch its devices in US has to do with its business model. Devices sold in US is heavily controlled by carriers and it undercuts Xiaomi’s selling points. Xiaomi follows a business pattern that keeps the price range lower than the likes of Samsung, Apple, Huawei and so on. However, this pattern is difficult to apply in US. We don’t want to go anywhere near the half-hearted efforts to launch a brand in the US just to say we’re in the US.” Barra pointed to brand-building efforts in the United States.

It is hard to gain any momentum profit-wise in US unless you team up with carries like T-Mobile. And this puts a huge damp on product prices. Real life example to that is OnePlus. The BBK-owned company has been selling unlocked phones to customers in North America for 8 years, but it only began gaining any actual momentum once it started working with T-Mobile in 2018.

Will Xiaomi ever launch in US?

Xiaomi still wants to get into US market but wants to do that slowly in baby steps rather than making a huge entrance. The reason of the delay is patent. Any attempt at bringing its products to western markets could potentially cause legal issues, which would be very costly to the firm. To prevent that, Xiaomi has been patiently building up its paten portfolio over the years. Do not hold your breath, as this is a slow process however we do hope to see Xiaomi in US one day.

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