Will Xiaomi’s MiOS be launch? No, continue with MIUI 15. Here’s what us expect and fake news.

In recent times, there have been some claims that Xiaomi will switch from MIUI to MiOS operating system. These claims are entirely baseless and untrue. Xiaomi is currently testing MIUI 15 update, which will be officially released with Xiaomi 14 series. As for the possibility of a MiOS operating system in the future, we unfortunately do not have that information.

If such a switch were to happen, it would only take place in China. MiOS would not be available globally. MiOS could potentially be rolled out to users in China as an Android-based operating system in the future, but this is a possibility for the future. For now, Xiaomi is focused on optimizing MIUI 15.

Xiaomi is rumored to be switching to MiOS

Digital Chat Station stated that MIUI 14 would be the last official MIUI version. Following this announcement, there have been some claims about the future of MiOS. We want to clarify that all of these claims are not accurate. Xiaomi is currently in the process of officially testing the MIUI 15 update. MIUI 15 is being developed internally for many smartphones. We have already shared news about MIUI 15 with our followers. Now, if you wish, we can once again check the stable MIUI 15 builds!

Here are the latest internal builds of MIUI 15. This information has been obtained from the official Xiaomi server and is therefore reliable. MIUI 15 is currently in the testing phase for millions of Xiaomi smartphones such as Xiaomi 13, Xiaomi 13 Ultra, Redmi K60 Pro, MIX FOLD 3, and more. All claims about the future of MiOS are false. It is not known whether Xiaomi will switch to an operating system called MiOS in the future. MIUI 15 will be launched at the End of October. Until that day, we will keep you informed of all the details.

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