Xiaomi 13 Passed ECC Certification!

Xiaomi will soon introduce the new generation of flagship models and will have much more advanced technical features than the old generation. The new Xiaomi 13 series is still under development, recently it has successfully passed the ECC certification process. It was found that the prototype used for testing is the global version.

Xiaomi’s new flagship series, which will use the next-generation Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 platform, will be one of the best Android flagship phones of 2023. The device is expected to feature Xiaomi’s own Surge power management chip and BMS chip, and support 100W ultra-fast charging. The Xiaomi 13, which will have a single-cell battery, will support wireless charging up to 50W.

Xiaomi 13 Series Leaks

There have already been a few leaks about the Xiaomi 13. The devices that first appeared in the Mi Code later showed up in the IMEI database. The standard version of the new series is codenamed “nuwa”, while the Pro version is codenamed “fuxi”. Leaks about the Xiaomi 13’s screen design surfaced in June. The new flagship will feature a 2K resolution display with four bezels of the same width and will support a 120 Hz refresh rate. No further information about the devices is known, it is assumed that more information will be obtained in the future.

Xiaomi 13 is currently only ECC certified, and will be subject to FCC and CE certifications, which are mandated by other countries, weeks before the launch.

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