Xiaomi 13T Appears in IMEI Database: New High Performance Monster Is Coming

After a long period following the introduction of the Xiaomi 12T series, some details about the Xiaomi 13T have emerged. A few months ago, we discussed the technical specifications and estimated release date of the Xiaomi 13T Pro. Now, the features of the main model in the series Xiaomi 13T have been revealed. Unlike the Xiaomi 13T Pro, it is expected to be powered by a Qualcomm processor. Information obtained from the IMEI database indicates that the Xiaomi 13T series will be available in many markets.

Xiaomi 13T Leaked in IMEI Database

With the emergence of Xiaomi 13T in the IMEI Database, we announce to you the specifications and release date of the new 13T series. We extensively detailed the 13T Pro in our previous article. Now, you will find all the known information about Xiaomi 13T in this article. Xiaomi 13T is progressing to be a high-performance model in the T series.

The superior gaming experience of its predecessor Xiaomi 12T is taken to the next level in this new model. This is achieved by transitioning from Dimensity 8100 Ultra to a new Qualcomm processor. Although the processor details are yet unknown, it is likely to be powered by Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 or 7+ Gen 2. It’s time to delve into the IMEI database details of Xiaomi 13T.

Xiaomi 13T comes with model number 2306EPN60G. It is worth noting that the device is referred to as “M12A” in MIUI. It will only be available in the Global market and is not expected to be released in the Chinese market. Additionally, Indian users may be disappointed as the smartphone will not be sold in India.

Apart from these details, we also have access to a different model number. The model number 2308EPN60R suggests that Xiaomi 13T will be available in Japan. Xiaomi 12T, Xiaomi 11T, and Mi 10T were not released in Japan, so the launch of Xiaomi 13T in Japan will mark the first appearance of the main model of the T series in the country.

Xiaomi 13T comes with the codename “Aristotle.” The last internal MIUI builds are V14.0.0.39.TMFMIXM, V14.0.0.28.TMFEUXM, and V14.0.0.9.TMFJPXM. As mentioned earlier, the presence of a Japan MIUI build confirms our previous statements. The release of the Xiaomi 13T series is expected in September, but it could be introduced earlier or later. We will eventually learn everything. Don’t forget to follow us for more content like this.

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