Xiaomi 13T to be powered by Leica, but only in some regions

We have been sharing lots of rumors about Xiaomi 13T with you recently, the 13T series isn’t released yet but we almost know everything about the devices. Xiaomi had made an official announcement confirming the introduction of Xiaomi 13T series on September 26th. It has now been revealed that Xiaomi 13T is also available in a Leica variant. A tech blogger on Twitter posted render images of Xiaomi 13T, and these images obviously feature the Leica branding. Here are the European Xiaomi 13T render images.

While Xiaomi 13T Pro comes equipped with Leica-tuned cameras everywhere, the vanilla Xiaomi 13T will feature Leica cameras only in specific regions. The vanilla Xiaomi 13T may not come with Leica cameras in regions other than Europe as the render images of European variant reveal a Leica branding. A few days ago, a YouTuber leaked the unboxing video of Xiaomi 13T, which did not include Leica cameras.

As you can see on the picture, this non-European variant of Xiaomi 13T doesn’t come with Leica branding. If you live in a region where the Leica variant of Xiaomi 13T is not available, you don’t need to worry too much, because the cameras of Xiaomi 13T and 13T Pro are exactly the same. Leica’s contribution to Xiaomi phone cameras primarily pertains to the color tuning, so you can achieve Leica Authentic color profile using some editing applications.

This year’s ‘Xiaomi T’ series is  quite powerful smartphones. Both phones come with 2x telephoto and main cameras with OIS. Previously, Mi 10T had no OIS on the main camera, while the 10T Pro did. In the 13T series, both the vanilla and Pro models feature OIS. Xiaomi continues to enhance its devices and give more premium experience. To learn more about specs of Xiaomi 13T and see some hands on images, you can read our previous article here.

Source: Sudhanshu Ambhore

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