Xiaomi 13T unboxing video has been revealed on the web, the first in the world!

Xiaomi 13T unboxing video has been revealed on the web. We expec the official introduction of Xiaomi 13T series in September or around the end of 2023, and  the unboxing of the Xiaomi 13T has surfaced already.

Xiaomi 13T unboxing

The unboxing video of Xiaomi 13T is available on YouTube, the video was shared by Eufracio López 502 channel, providing not just the unboxing but also detailed visuals of the device.

Xiaomi 13T is offered in both black and green models. The wallpapers of the 13T feature shades of green, red, and blue. The wallpapers are very similar to the ones found in Xiaomi 13.

Xiaomi 13T comes with a very impressive display. The display of the 13T is 6.67 inches in size with a 144Hz refresh rate and HDR10+ support. Furthermore, it boasts a maximum brightness of 2600 nits, making it evident that Xiaomi 13T has a very good display. Despite having a 144Hz refresh rate, you can only choose between 60Hz and 144Hz in the settings; options like 90Hz or 120Hz are not available.

The phone comes preinstalled with MIUI 14, and the variant featured in the video has 12GB RAM and 256GB of storage, expandable by up to 7GB through virtual RAM increasing. Powering the Xiaomi 13T is the Dimensity 8200 Ultra, not the latest processor in MediaTek’s lineup, but still a notably potent chipset. Xiaomi 13T is powered by Dimensity 8200 Ultra, not the latest processor from MediaTek, but the Dimensity 8200 Ultra is also quite powerful for today’s standards. The phone also supports 67W charging.

In addition to its powerful display specs and powerful chipset, the Xiaomi 13T also has a powerful camera setup, the telephoto camera in the previous “Xiaomi T” series is not something we’ve mostly seen, but Xiaomi 13T has a telephoto camera, but the bad news is that the optical zoom is only available in 2x, the main rear camera of the phone uses a 50MP Sony IMX 707 and an 8 MP ultra wide angle camera is present as well.

Xiaomi 13T can shoot 1080P 30FPS video with the front camera and video recording with the rear camera is limited to 4K 30FPS, so if you want to record 60 FPS, you have to switch to 1080P 60FPS.

We expect Xiaomi 13T to be introduced by September 2023, and we can say that Xiaomi 13T has minor upgrades compared to the previous model, but it is definitely a solid device. While the previous model came with the 8100 Ultra, the 13T comes with the 8200 Ultra. Unlike Xiaomi 12T, which lacked a telephoto camera, the 13T features a 2x telephoto camera, and the maximum screen brightness can reach up to whopping 2600 nits which is the same brightness level as the 13 Ultra.

While Xiaomi 12T users don’t have to switch to the 13T, Xiaomi 13T will definitely be one of the best selling devices of 2023 in the premium-midrange category.

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