Xiaomi Book Pro with AMD processor will be launched soon!

Xiaomi released the new laptop, Xiaomi Book Pro earlier in this year. Since AMD entered the laptop market, many laptop manufacturers now prefer the AMD processors and Xiaomi is no exception. Currently all Xiaomi Book Pro laptops are powered by Intel processors but Xiaomi is about to release an AMD powered version.

New Xiaomi Book Pro 14″ will be equipped with Ryzen 6000H processor and it is going to be announced on August 8 in China. Xiaomi Book Pro series come with OLED displays.

As seen on the introduction image it’s very identical to the Intel powered Xiaomi Book Pro 14″ model. Both 14″ and 16″ Intel powered versions of Xiaomi Book Pro offer an OLED display with 90 Hz refresh rate on 14″ model and 60 Hz refresh rate on 16″ model. We don’t know exact specifications of the new AMD 6000H powered Xiaomi Book Pro laptops but we assume that it will be same as older versions with AMD CPU.

Since AMD laptops are generally cheaper than the Intel laptops with identical specifications, here are the prices of Intel powered laptops. We don’t have the price info yet but 14″ model may cost around 5000-6000 CNY.

Intel Xiaomi Book Pro 2022 Price & Storage & Specifications



What do you think about AMD 6000 series and Xiaomi Book Pro? Please let us know what you think in the comments!

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