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Xiaomi Coffee Mug Launched: The perfect way to start your day

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Would you like a Xiaomi-branded coffee mug? The Chinese tech giant, Xiaomi, is seemingly getting bored of the devices that it’s releasing, since they just launched a Xiaomi coffee mug which seems to be a decent value, and it looks fairly modern. So, let’s learn more about it!

xiaomi coffee mug
Xiaomi’s new portable coffee mug.

What is the Xiaomi coffee mug?

The mug seems to be stretched at the top, to avoid liquid leakage, and have better aesthetics as a whole. The mug also has a double layer stainless steel structure, with the inner shell being 316 austenitic steel, and the outer shell being 304 austenitic steel. The Xiaomi coffee mug is also designed to keep liquids warm or cold, depending on what you have inside it.

The insulation performance for hot liquids is reported to be above “40 degrees celsius for 6 hours” (whatever that means), and the insulations performance when it comes to cold liquids is “18 degrees celsius for 6 hours”. It also includes a sleeve for the Xiaomi coffee mug.

xiaomi coffee mug 2

Why exactly is Xiaomi releasing a portable Xiaomi coffee mug? We’re not that sure why either. Anyway, if you would like to talk more about the mug, you can do so in our Telegram channel, which you can join here.

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