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Xiaomi Community has been broken down, all the posts on the forum disappeared!

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Xiaomi hosts a site under the name Xiaomi Community where Xiaomi users and enthusiasts can share their thoughts. It is a very important website where essential news, software updates, and device firmwares are shared in addition to the ideas that users post there.

Xiaomi Community has been operating for many years, and during that period, there haven’t been accessibility issues frequently. We initially believed there had only been a brief access issue, however it appears that the Mi Community website has been down for a few hours.

Xiaomi Community Breakdown

The topics appear empty when accessed from the web, but the issue with the Android app appears to be more problematic. In the app, there are no longer any elements that can be clicked on. The topic title is visible but the contents are seen as a blank area when you access the Xiaomi Community home page through web. Furthermore, Mi Community Android app does not contain any of them.

While we don’t know why this happened, Xiaomi did not inform on their website that a maintenance would be performed or that there would be an outage. None of the topics in the Forum are currently accessible and we are waiting for Xiaomi to notice this problem and fix it.

Do you use Xiaomi Community, what do you think about Xiaomi Community breakdown? Please let us know your thoughts!

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