Xiaomi Fingerprint Missing Problem | How to Fix?

Sometimes fingerprint can disappear from the settings. This may be due to Xiaomi’s software problems. Because as you know Xiaomi has a lot of bugs on MIUI. There is also the possibility of a hardware problem. If you dropped your phone or it got hit, it is likely that the problem is hardware related. In this article you will learn how to fix fingerprint problem. This is the common problem of side mounted fingerprint phones. Like Mi 11 Lite, Redmi Note 9T, Redmi Note 10, Redmi 9T.

Restart your phone

It’s a good idea to restart your phone before making a fuss. Because sometimes just a reboot can fix the problems. If the phone doesn’t dedect your fingerprint or you can’t see any fingerprint options on the settings try restarting your phone.

Factory reset

Another thing to do is to format your device. Formatting the device solves many problems. Firstly sign-out from your Mi Account if you don’t remember password of your mi account.

  • Go to settings and tap “My device” tab and scroll down little bit. You will see “Factory reset” button.

  • Tap the factory reset button. All of your data will delete. Make back-up before factory reset. Then tap the “erase all data” button. MIUI will show some warnings about your data. Accept these warnings and wait. Your device will restart after factory reset. If there is still no fingerprint or it does not work, the problem may be hardware.

If you have a device with restored IMEI number, don’t do factory reset. If you do factory reset, your IMEI will gone. You must do Format data with TWRP instead of doing factory reset. Before all of these steps sign-out from your mi account if you don’t remember the password of your mi account.

Format data

  • Enter the TWRP via pressing Vol down + Power button. Then tap the “wipe” section. after that tap “format data” button. Then type “yes” for formatting data. After that tap the button of right-bottom. Then tap “reboot system” button.


Reflash stock kernel with TWRP

If you are played with your kernel settings or changed your kernel may cause that issue. In that case you must to do reflash your stock kernel. Download the fastboot ROM of the ROM you current using. And extract it twice. You will see “boot.img”. This is your stock kernel, copy it to your device’s internal storage. Please be careful to get the boot.img on the ROM you are using, otherwise the device may be bricked.

  • Enter the TWRP using Vol up + Power button. Then tap “install” section and tap “install image” button. Then find your stock boot.img. Tap on it then select “Boot” section and slide the slider to right. Then tap “restart system” button.

Reflash stock kernel with PC

  • If you have a PC, this method easier than top. Install ADB drivers and boot your phone into Fastboot. Then connect phone to PC. And open CMD via typing “cmd” to run window. (open run window via Win + R buttons).

  • then type “fastboot flash boot <drag stock boot.img of your current rom>”

  • Then restart your device via pressing the power button for 10 seconds. If there is still no fingerprint or it does not work, the problem may be hardware.

Reflash Stock Persist Image with TWRP

We can say persist is drivers of hardware parts. Fingerprint, gyro and etc. There are 2 ways to flash stock persist. TWRP and PC. You must use your current ROM’s persist file. You can find the persist file inside of Fastboot ROM. Be careful and choose correct persist file. In other way your device may be bricked.

Important note: Changing persist partition can break the L1 certificate Thats mean film and series apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime video will play just 480p. Apply this way as last choice.

  • Enter the TWRP and tap “install”. Then tap “install image” button.

  • Then find the “persist.img” file. Tap on it and select persist partition. After that slide slider to right.

  • After that tap “reboot system” button to reboot.

Reflash Stock Persist with PC

Also you can use PC for reflashing persist. You must have ADB drivers for this way.

  • First reboot your phone into TWRP. And Connect to PC. And open CMD via typing “cmd” to run window. (open run window via Win + R buttons).
  • Move persist.img to your phones storage
  • Then type  dd if=/sdcard/persist.img of=/dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/persist”
  • After that press enter. Then open your device via pressing power button for 10 seconds. Problem must be fixed.

If problem is still there, you have hardware issue. In this case All you can do is take the device to the technical service or replace fingerprint sensor.

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