Xiaomi Invests In Semiconductor Companies!

Xiaomi, which has begun to prioritise its own chips at various points in its mobile products, continues to invest in semiconductor manufacturers. Yinlefei Semiconductor, a brand of Xiaomi, has invested in nearly 100 Chinese chip companies. It is believed that the reason for the investments is that Xiaomi wants to grow in the semiconductor industry and China wants to develop semiconductor production.

Xiaomi invests in semiconductor companies while making new business changes in its own company. A shareholder named Hubei Xiaomi Changhiang Industrial Fund Partnership was added, and the company’s capital grew 9.09% from $163,088 to $177,914. Yinlefei Semiconductor, whose representative is Xu Yang, was founded in 2021. In addition to the chip industry, the company provides technical consulting, software development, software sales, electronic products sales, communications equipment sales, etc.

Xiaomi Invests in Semiconductor Companies: Why?

There’s another reason Xiaomi is interested in semiconductors: smart cars. Xiaomi, which has been working for some time to research and develop smart cars with superior autonomous capabilities, will be able to manufacture the chips it will use in its vehicles more cheaply thanks to the companies it invests in and take precautions against possible U.S. chip embargoes. This move by Xiaomi is very exciting, as Xiaomi made chips could be increasingly used in smartphones and tablets in the future.


Today, there are a few chips produced by Xiaomi. Xiaomi’s chip journey first started with the Surge S1 in 2017, this SoC was used in the Xiaomi Mi 5C and is similar in performance to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625. It consists of Cortex A53 cores and Mali T830 GPU. In Q2 2021, the Surge C1 image signal processor was released. Along with the Xiaomi 12 series launched in the last days of 2021, the Surge P1 power management chip was also introduced. Most recently, the Surge G1 BMS chip has been used in batteries with the Xiaomi 12S Ultra.

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