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Xiaomi is On The Rise in Global 5G Smartphone Sales! Here is the Xiaomi Rank

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Global 5G Smartphone Sales have risen considerably because it has been a long time by now since 5G was first introduced, and while it is already available to use in certain countries, it is still a working progress in many others. However, there are already a lot of 5G smartphones that are on sale, and some brands has got more lucky than the others in the market. Apple ranking first place with 37%, Samsung coming up in second and Xiaomi is in the third place.

5g smartphone

Global 5G Smartphone Sales

According to IT House March 16 news, Apple takes the first place in the industry by accounting for more than half of the global smartphone sales and becoming the top-seller of 5G devices in January 2022 for the first time. As data suggests, chinese brands such as Xiaomi, OPPO and Vivo each holds around 10% sales margin over global smartphone sales, totaling up to 30% as a whole and most of these sales are in China. Samsung was the first brand to launch a 5G smartphone in the market and still remains as the largest smartphone producer but its shares in the Global 5G Smartphone Sales is about 12% because of its idle stand in the China market.

Global Smartphone Sales
Global Smartphone Sales Chart

At the beginning of March, iPhone SE 3 5G device was introduced causing a fall over the smartphone entry prices as much as $429. This price entry is close to half of a flagship iPhone price tag and has a chance to help secure the lead of Apple in the ranks. In 2019, Apple made a purchase of Intel Corp’s cellular modem division for $1 billion having in mind to produce their own 5G chips in the future.

For the time being and for quite a long while however, Qualcomm has widely had dominance over the business with its Snapdragon a suite of system on a chip (SoC) technology that combines the processor and the modem into one single compact module. This will increase Global 5G Smartphone Sales.


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