Print Your Most Precious Memories: Xiaomi Mijia Photo Printer

Xiaomi Mijia Photo Printer is pocket size photo printer. We take a lot of photos to capture our memories, but they are all stored digitally. How about printing a photo that you can hang somewhere in your home or carry with you? Take a look at the small photo printer from Xiaomi’s subbrand Mijia.

With the small Xiaomi Mijia photo printer, you can print photos without ink and in high quality. The product can be paired with your phone and controlled via the Mi Home app. You can connect to the printer via Bluetooth without the need for WiFi, and in addition to the connectivity features, you can pair multiple phones with the printer at the same time and take turns printing.

Xiaomi Mijia Photo Printer

Are the papers of Xiaomi Mijia Photo Printer custom?

You cannot use regular paper for the Xiaomi Mijia photo printer. There is special photo paper made for this product, You can buy it and print. When you buy the printer, you can buy it with or without paper, our recommendation is to buy it with a lot of photo paper. There are 50 pieces in a photo paper box, and the special papers of Xiaomi Mijia Photo Printer are 3 inches. If you want to stick it on the wall or something else, the photo paper is adhesive .

Xiaomi Mijia Photo Printer

The price of the Xiaomi Mijia photo printer is a bit high, actually normal prices for an interesting product. If you want to buy the printer separately, it can be had for about $ 50-55, if you want to buy it with 20 photo papers, it can be had for about $60-65, if you want to buy it with much more paper, it can be had for $70-90.

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