Xiaomi MITU Baby Folding Stroller

Xiaomi is everywhere, as we all know Xiaomi’s product range is very wide, and the company never surprises us anymore with their new products. We will review the Xiaomi MITU Baby Folding Stroller for families, in this article.

If you have a baby or consider getting a baby, you should know that choosing the best convenient stroller is sometimes hard, but Xiaomi has made the most convenient and elegant-looking stroller to solve this problem.

Xiaomi MITU Baby Folding Stroller Review

Xiaomi MITU Baby Folding Stroller is designed for 0-3 years old whose weight is 15kg or lighter. You can open it with one hand, and go to the place you want easily with your baby. Xiaomi MITU Baby Folding Stroller is very small and looks elegant. It is very small, its dimensions are 16.93×10.63×20.08 inches.

It makes things easier, especially since going out with a baby is hard but the Xiaomi MITU Baby Folding Stroller launches a good mood to see the world with your baby.

How to use the Xiaomi MITU Baby Folding Stroller?

You can fold and unfold the stroller with one hand. The design of the overall structure and the delicate linkage of the movable joints ensure the convenience and the simplicity of the folding and unfolding operation.

The flexible and smooth operation experience allows you to unfold the cart whenever and wherever you want. The stroller is compact even after unfolding it, which is equivalent to the size of a boarding. When you travel, you can easily put it into the trunk of any car. Xiaomi MITU Baby Folding Stroller is also equipped with a single shoulder strap and a portable shoulder strap to carry easily.

Xiaomi MITU Baby Folding Stroller Material

A skin-friendly antibacterial cushion that meets Class A standards can effectively inhibit more than 99% of Staphylococcus aureus. It has a skin-friendly, breathable mesh knit fabric that is soft and comfortable.

You can also wash the whole stroller easily away from bacteria and viruses, and give the baby a healthy and clean stroller. The 3-stage adjustable large canopy is made up of a surface four-sided fabric and a bottom PU film. It can maintain a beautiful and smooth appearance after many times of folding. It can isolate more than 95% of ultraviolet rays, and resist the sun and glare to protect the baby’s skin.

Xiaomi MITU Baby Folding Stroller Wheels

The Four-wheel is independent and wear-resistant. It can prevent the stroller from shaking while the baby is having a good dream. The seat belt also prevents the baby from falling. There is also an anti-slip footboard to make your baby feel good. The Xiaomi MITU Baby Folding Stroller also has 5kg storage basket.


  • The high-strength aluminum alloys as the overall frame and the weight of the whole vehicle is controlled to 6.8kg.
  • The folding experience is easy.
  • The size is small and compact after folding.
  • The stroller comes with a 6-inch non-toxic PU foam wheel.
  • With 8 bearings and two 360 degrees front wheels, the fluency and smoothness are greatly improved, and the baby sits comfortably while the roller is on the road.
  • The five-point seat belt of the stroller is protected by a disseminated force to prevent the baby from any accident.
  • The four-wheel independent damping system of the stroller reduces the ground tremor and makes it comfortable and stable.
  • Comes with a UPF 50+ professional-grade sun protection canopy, with double-layer water resistance.

Should you buy the Xiaomi MITU Baby Folding Stroller for your Baby?

This model from Xiaomi is great for families with babies. Xiaomi has made a high-quality budget-friendly product. You can get this compact, durable, and budget-friendly Xiaomi MITU Baby Folding Stroller from here.

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