Xiaomi Pad 6 will be launched in August, seen on EEC

The Xiaomi Pad 6, which will be the newest addition to Xiaomi’s Pad series of tablets, just got certified and is most likely coming soon, and most likely will be released in around August of this year. So, let’s take a look.

Xiaomi Pad 6 certified, most likely launching in August

The Xiaomi Pad 6 will be the newest member of the Pad family, alongside the fairly recently released Pad 5, and we think that it will most likely launch in around August. We don’t know much about the specs of the device, as there’s no information related to it yet. However, the device has been certified on the Eurasian Economic Union’s certification website. Take a look:

The device will be released under the model number “22081283G“. The first 4 digits (2208) in the model numbers of Xiaomi phones imply the approximate release date of the device, which means that the Xiaomi Pad 6 will be released sometime around August of this year.

However, while the real model number mentioned “1283”, L83 (12 being the 12th letter in the alphabet, which means the factory codename would be L83). There is a Redmi tablet with model number L81A and codenamed dagu. Since the L81A will be a low-spec version of the L81, there should be another tablet with the model number L81. There should be another tablet between L81 and L83 so that the series can be completed. So, there should be a L82.

If we act with this logic, Xiaomi will introduce 4 tablets this year. These are we guessed Redmi Pad (L81A), Xiaomi Pad 6, Xiaomi Pad 6 Pro, Xiaomi Pad 6 Pro 5G. We think the Xiaomi Pad 6 series will be a MediaTek CPU rather than a Qualcomm CPU. Also, there is no device with L83 model number leaked so far in the IMEI database. The accuracy of the Xiaomi Pad 6 Pro 5G is not certain.

As the final decision, 2 tablets will be introduced this year as L81A and L83. We also think that there will be 2 intermediate model tablets as L81 and L82. We also estimate that the launch date of the tablets will be in between of August and September. Since the Redmi Pad will be the Snapdraon 870, the Xiaomi Pad will come out with a more powerful SoC. What do you think about new tablets? Share your thoughts with us.

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