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Xiaomi Phones Closes Background Apps: Solution is Here

The ways to stop MIUI from killing the apps

If you ever used a low end or a midrange Xiaomi phone with at least MIUI 11, you problably experienced one thing, MIUI / Xiaomi phones closes background apps out of curiousty and when you open them back, you see that the apps you were using is killed. There’s of course some ways to stop MIUI from doing this, but some of them do require root. We will explain all the possible ways to you today.

Disabling MIUI optimization

As weird this sounds, when you disable MIUI optimization, it really does have an affect how the RAM management in MIUI acts later on. To disable it, do the following steps.

  • Open settings app in your homescreen.
  • Scroll down.
  • Go to “Additional Settings”.
  • Go to “Developer options”.
  • Scroll all the way to bottom in here.
  • When you find “Turn on MIUI optimizaton”, turn it off completely. It will give you a warn, but you can ignore it.

RAM management should be at least a bit better now compared to before, and your phone should keep more apps open compared to before, which is the answer of “Xiaomi phones closes background apps”. If it didn’t help, continue reading the article.

Check if background processes are limited

This is pretty much the same step as before, but we will check a different option this time instead. Here’s how you do it.

  • Open settings app in your homescreen.
  • Scroll down.
  • Go to “Additional Settings”.
  • Go to “Developer options”.
  • Scroll all the way to bottom in here.
  • When you find “Background processes limit”, tap on it.
  • Check if it’s set to “Standart limit” or not. Sometimes MIUI limits the processes for a smoother experience.
  • If it’s not set to “Standart limit”, set it to standart and check if it kills the apps now.

The other methods are both for making MIUI smoother but also getting better RAM management. If the steps above didn’t help your question “Xiaomi phones closes background apps”, continue reading.

Disable animations

This one might seem a bit nonsense, but it’s not. When you disable the animations, the phone’s hardware has less load as it doesn’t work with animations anymore. Here’s how you disable it.

  • Enter settings.
  • Enter additional settings.
  • Enter developer options.
  • Set all animations to 0.5 or 0 as marked in the picture.

Animations should be closed now. This will make MIUI run better and become lighter as the phone compotents doesn’t need to process heavy things anymore. If this didn’t answer “Xiaomi phones closes background apps”, continue reading.

Use QTI Memory Optimization(root)

This is a Magisk module that patches some libraries in Android and makes the whole Android run lighter and stop killing the apps as well. You need Magisk for this, unfortunately we don’t have the screenshots for this one.

  • Download the QTI Memory Optimization module.
  • Enter Magisk.
  • Go to “Modules” section in bottom-right corner.
  • Tap “Install from storage” that’s located in top.
  • Find the module you downloaded in your files, and tap on it.
  • Once it flashes, reboot the device.

This should have a huge affect on killing background apps if you’re using a Qualcomm chipset device. If it still didn’t answer “Xiaomi phones closes background apps”, continue reading.

Use MIUI Enhancer(root)

This is another Magisk module that patches MIUI daemons and more stuff to make MIUI run better in any side. You should give it a try if all things above didn’t work on you. This also works on any MIUI device, you just flash the module and that’s it as well, which is pretty easy to use. You can find how to use it in here, as we wrote a detailed guide about it on how to install and use it.

If this didn’t answer “Xiaomi phones closes background apps” as well, it means your phone is either a bit too low-end to handle multitasking or MIUI just can’t do it on your device, means you unfortunately have to install a custom ROM based on AOSP or so.

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