Xiaomi responded to the Benchmark cheating accusations!

Recently, Samsung was exposed for throttling the performance of their devices, with a service called GOS (Game Optimization Service), and it seems that Xiaomi is also doing the same! The co-founder of Geekbench found this out by disguising the app as a popular game caused a significant performance drop. Let’s find out more about it.

So, the co-founder of Geekbench, John Poole has discovered that Xiaomi intentionally throttles the performance of their devices by atleast 15% in games. John found out that on the Mi 11, changing the app information of Geekbench to match that of Fortnite causes a 30% drop in single core performance, and a 15% drop in multi core performance. Similar drops in performance happen when disguised as Genshin Impact as well.

xiaomi geekbench performance drop
Geekbench’s co-founder talking about the performance drop on Xiaomi phones.

Xiaomi has issued an official response to these claims, stating:

Xiaomi applies temperature management strategies to ensure an optimal product experience, especially with demanding apps that are often used for extended periods of time. On many of our devices, we offer 3 types of performance modes, allowing users to adjust the balance between performance and energy efficiency At the system level, all optimizations related to application performance weigh many essential factors, such as power consumption, performance, and thermal impact.”

To explain this in simple terms, Xiaomi hasn’t clearly denied the allegations that they’re throttling performance, but haven’t also confirmed that this is true. They have however admitted to the usage of temperature management strategies¬†to adjust power usage and performance, to ensure an optimal product experience.¬†They also state that the power limitations can be bypassed slightly using their performance toggles. These performance toggles, however, are limited to Xiaomi devices with high end chipsets, so if your Redmi 9 doesn’t have one, you know why.

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