Xiaomi’s 10 years old feature now added on Pixel Phones

In a surprising turn of events, Google has finally caught up with Xiaomi by introducing a Pro Camera Mode in its upcoming Pixel 8 series. Xiaomi users have been enjoying this feature for the past decade, and it appears that Google has recognized its significance, incorporating it into the camera app of the Pixel 8 Pro. This new mode brings advanced photography settings such as shutter speed, ISO, focus, and lens selection, elevating the Pixel 8 Pro’s camera capabilities to new heights.

Xiaomi’s Decade-Long Stint with Pro Camera Mode

For the past 10 years, Xiaomi users have had the privilege of using the Pro Camera Mode in their devices. This feature has empowered photographers and enthusiasts to have greater control over their shots, allowing them to adjust settings like shutter speed, ISO levels, focus, and lens selection. Xiaomi has been a trailblazer in democratizing advanced photography features, and the longevity of the Pro Camera Mode in its devices attests to its popularity among users.

Google’s Leap Forward

With the upcoming Pixel 8 series, Google is making a significant leap forward in the realm of smartphone photography. The integration of the Pro Camera Mode in the Pixel 8 Pro positions Google’s flagship device as a serious contender in the highly competitive smartphone camera market. Google’s move to include features that were once exclusive to Xiaomi’s camera app indicates a growing emphasis on providing users with more sophisticated tools to capture stunning photos.

Key Features of Pixel 8 Pro’s Pro Camera Mode

The Pixel 8 Pro’s Pro Camera Mode allows users to manually adjust the shutter speed, enabling them to capture fast-paced action or create long-exposure shots for creative effects. Users can now fine-tune the ISO settings, providing greater flexibility in different lighting conditions. This is especially valuable for low-light photography where adjusting ISO can significantly impact image quality.

The ability to manually control focus allows photographers to precisely choose the focal point of their shots. This is crucial for achieving a professional-looking depth of field and ensuring sharp focus where it matters most. Google’s Pixel 8 Pro introduces lens selection within the Pro Camera Mode, allowing users to switch between different lenses if the device has a multi-lens setup. This feature is particularly useful for adapting to various shooting scenarios.

As Google prepares to unveil the Pixel 8 series on October 4th, the inclusion of the Pro Camera Mode signals a significant stride in enhancing the smartphone photography experience. Xiaomi’s decade-long lead in providing advanced camera features has influenced the industry, prompting major players like Google to follow suit. The competition between smartphone manufacturers to deliver cutting-edge camera capabilities benefits users, as they can now expect more powerful and versatile photography tools in their pocket-sized devices. The unveiling of the Pixel 8 series will undoubtedly be an exciting moment for photography enthusiasts eagerly anticipating the latest advancements in smartphone camera technology.

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