5 New Pixel 6 Features – Exclusive for Google

We all know that Android gets one major update every year, but it also gets a number of cool new features throughout the year via updates to its core apps. In this article, we take a look at 5 new Pixel 6 features that you should start using.

5 New Pixel 6 Features

We tried and found the best 5 New Pixel 6 Features to make your phone more convenient. As Google releases updates usually, you cannot catch all the updates every time. So, that is why we are here to show some useful features coming with the new Android update.

Real Tone Filters

Remember the Pixel 6 was launched last year, and it brought real tone to the Pixel Camera app and the Google Photos app to make sure that more diverse skin tones are captured more accurately, it is a great feature, but did you know that the real feature is now available in a lot more phones?

So, in Google Photos, just edit a photo, go to filters and you can see the real tone filters. There is Playa, Honey, Isla, Desert, Clay, and Palma. You can also tap on a filter to adjust its intensity. It does make a difference in skin tones, and environment tones. Now, this feature is coming to Google Photos on all phones.

Locked Folder

Google announced Locked Folders in Google Photos last year, but it is only recently that it has arrived on almost every single Android phone. With this feature, just go to the photo that you do not want other people using your phone to see, swipe up, and tap move to photo to the locked folder option.

Once you have moved the photo to the lock folder, it will not be backed up, it will not appear in the photos grid, and it will not be visible in search or even when you are accessing the gallery via apps like WhatsApp or Instagram. So, it is actually hidden everywhere.

To access the Locked Folder, you have to go to the library in the Google Photos app, scroll down below, and you can see it at the bottom of the library. You can just use a fingerprint, PIN, or pattern, and access your personal locked photos.

You can also add more photos to the lock folder by tapping the add photos icon on the right top of the page and taking photos out of the log folder if you are being courageous, delete photos. Also, the Locked Folder automatically locks up in a minute if you just leave it open accidentally. Overall, the Locked Folder is a super useful feature for everyone.

Grammar Correction

Grammatical errors are fine, but let’s agree on one thing, we all hate it when people write ‘’your’’ instead of ‘’you’re’’ in text messages. The good news is Android now has a native grammar checker tool. This works in Gboard, so when you type something dramatically wrong, Gboard highlights it, and you can just tap on it, then it fixes it.

This feature should be useful to a lot of people, especially when writing an email or something official, but this feature has been rolled out to everyone, but if it is not working for you, go to the Gboard settings, go to the text correction, and at the bottom of the page enable the ‘’Spell Check and Grammar Check’’ options.

Lookout Image Mode

Lookout Image Mode is among our 5 New Pixel 6 Features list, and it is a very useful accessibility feature on Android, and it has the explore tab, which lets you use the camera to detect the objects in the surroundings and let you know what they are. It has gotten better and it has got a new image tab that is very interesting. This mode basically lets you take any image from your gallery, and it will describe it for you. It is not perfect at the moment, but it is a good new addition to Android’s accessibility features.

Screen Time Widget

We do not know how third-party apps take the widgets seriously, but Google is making some good widgets. There is a cool YouTube music widget, the new battery widget, but the coolest new Android widget has to be the digital well-being widget, we know digital well-being who cares, but the well-being widget is actually useful.

It has three different sizes, and it shows your total screen time along with the top three apps you have used throughout the day. This feature is nice because at least you do not have to check your screen time by going to the settings. This way, you have it on the home screen and you can tap and see all the details quickly.

Portrait Blur

Portrait Blur is the last app that among our 5 New Pixel 6 Features list. Maybe the portrait mode on your phone sucks, maybe you just forget to take the photo in portrait mode. Either way, Google Photos now lets you add a portrait blur manually after you have taken the photo, and it is actually pretty good.

Just take any photo in Google Photos, tap on edit and you will either get the portrait suggestion which adds the blur automatically, or you can go to tools, and add the blur manually. It is good, but if you feel it is not very accurate around the edges, you can use the depth option and set the blur perfectly.

One thing to note here is that, this feature is available for Pixel users and also on other phones but with the Google One subscription.


So, these are the 5 New Pixel 6 Features You Should Start Using, and we shared the most useful ones. Most of these features are available in all Android smartphones, but some features like Real Tone filters are still rolling out, so you should get in some time if your phone does not have it. If you have any other newly added features that we missed out on, share your thoughts with us.

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