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How to Re-map MI 9’s AI Button

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As you know Xiaomi 9 and Xiaomi MIX 3 has AI button. In global MIUI, you can just set for Google Assistant, torch or camera. But it’s so limited. If you using China ROM, you can just use for Xiao-ai. If you are not Chinese, this too useless. In this article you will learn how to re-map Xiaomi 9’s AI button. In other words you will learn dominate the AI button. Not tested on Xiaomi MIX 3. You can try same method on the Xiaomi MIX 3.


There are 2 ways to re-map AI button. First one is simple way. Second one is detailed way.

Re-map AI Button Using CephyTools

Download CephyTools first. Open the app and give root permission. Then tap “Current Action” tab.

After that you will see settable actions. With this you can only do actions that are here. Select an action what do you want and reboot your device.

Thats it! you have succesfully changed the action of AI button. Thanks to @elluzion for app.

Re-map AI Button Using Xposed Edge

This method is more powerful than other method. Requiring LSPosed. If you are on aosp, you have to install CephyTools and assign an action. But if you are on MIUI not needed. You can assign everything to AI button with Xposed Edge. Open an app, video recording, taking selfie, open xiaomiui.net and etc. What to do is entirely up to your imagination.

First open LSPosed and tap modules tab. Then select Xposed edge and enable it. After that enable “System Framework” too and reboot your device.

After all of these steps, open Xposed edge and enable “Keys” tab. Then tap on it.

Then click “Add…” button for adding AI button. you will see “click a key which you want to add” text. After that, press AI button.

Then you will see a button with named “KEYCODE_SYSRQ”. this is AI button. tap on it and select what do you want for action click, double click or long press. Don’t forget enabling AI button.

change AI button

After that you can select everything you want. Xposed Edge has a lot of feature. You can assign to AI button everything. An example split screen. Or open and close WIFI. There is no limit, you can try everything.

Now you can assign anything you want to AI button. Xposed Edge has so many things. Toggle WIFI/BT. You can use AI button like power button with Xposed Edge. And also if you wondering Xposed Edge details follow this article. You can do much more things with Xposed Edge.

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