Android will have Spotify Connect speakers on media switcher, works even on lock screen!

Google announced at CES that Android will get a new feature. Media controls have been made much more easier to use. Music apps already allows you to change the media will play on which device. Here is the new attempt by Google to make smart devices working more seamlessly.

Google works with Spotify together to make possible switch playing media between any Spotify Connect devices (speakers). Google also announced they’re working on a feature that detects which wireless speaker you are near.

For example, when you’re walking around, you go to a different room, and you have a wireless speaker in that room as well. Your phone will automatically determine which speaker is nearby and send you a notification asking the media should be played on another speaker or not.

You will receive a notification when you arrive home after leaving the car that will allow you to keep listening to the media you were already listening to in the car. Your phone will detect automatically the closest wireless speaker wherever you are. According to Google, your phone will use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ultra-wideband (UWB) to detect nearby speakers.

We don’t yet know when this feature will arrive. Google usually offers features on Pixel phones. We will continue to share developments in the future. What do you think about Google? Please comment down below!

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