Best Fake GPS Apps You Can Mock

Sometimes, you may not want to track by your family, lover, or even friends, but today, many apps are with GPS location functions on them. We will share a wonderful method to set fake locations on mobile devices with the Best Fake GPS Apps recommendations in this article.

As you all know that there comes times when we like to set fake locations on Android in games or many apps.

Best Fake GPS Apps on Google Play Store

Sometimes we do not want to share our exact location with another device, especially apps. So, there are many apps to help with this problem. Just download one of the apps and follow the certain rules that we have given, and you can share that fake location on WhatsApp, Messenger, or any other app.

Fake GPS Location

Go to the Google Play Store, and find the app called ‘’Fake GPS Location’’ and download it. Then back to the desktop and find the settings on your mobile phone, choose the location and make sure it is turned on. After that go back to settings and find about the phone, choose software information, then find the bill number and tap it seven times because you need to open the developer option.

Once open, you will see the developer option on the settings page, press it then finds the selection call ‘’select mock location app’’, then choose the app. Now go to the map and choose the place you want to go. You can download the Fake GPS Location app from here.

Fake GPS

Fake GPS is a different app with the same name, and it allows you to pick any random location and fake it as your original GPS location. You can also share that fake location with a swipe on Tinder, or WhatsApp for any location without paying.

Just change the ‘’mock location app’’, and then you are ready to go. After using this app, you could not change back to the original GPS location. Select the location you want from the app, and leave it for several hours. You can also install ‘’GPS Status’’ from the Play Store, launch, and get a fresh GPS fix. You can download the Fake GPS app from here.

Fake GPS

This one is one of the best fake GPS apps in the store. Fake GPS app brings several kinds of maps for selecting the location. You can also use the search to find a location by name or zip code. Fake GPS app also offers an option to select favorite locations and location history. Go to the settings, and open the ‘’select mock location app’’. You can download the Fake GPS app from here.

Fake GPS Location Spoofer

This app is simple and easy to use. You can search for locations on Location Spoofer by name or GPS coordinates. Just select the location on the app and press the start button to fake a location. You can download the Fake GPS Location Spoofer app from here.

Fake GPS Location with Joystick

With this app, you can easily change your location anywhere around the world. It has a multi-functional joystick to make the location choice easier. You can also search for a specific location, you can see the history, and manage it. You can download the Fake GPS Location with Joystick app from here.

Which Fake GPS App is the best?

All of the apps we have mentioned are among the Best Fake Gps Apps. You should try each of them to make sure which one is the best, but our recommendation is Fake GPS Location. We shared the download links for you, and if you are an iOS user, you can check on Apple Store too, there are similar apps.

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