[Update: Mi 10T Pro MIUI China Camera Fix] Camera issue on Mi 10T Pro Xiaomi EU Custom ROM is now solved!

Mi 10T Pro Xiaomi eu Custom Rom and MIUI China had camera issues on MIUI 13 until today. Though, the Xiaomi eu developers have finally fixed it. This issue was also apparent on China ROM as well, but it also have a fix. So let’s talk about it!

Mi 10T Pro MIUI China Camera Fix

Great news, Mi 10T Pro users! The latest update from xiaomi.eu fixes the camera issue that has been exist on Mi 10T Pro. After this fix, developer MinaMichita has started to use similar files for MIUI China as well. This means that you can make your Mi 10T Pro MIUI China Camera Fix using these files. All you need to do is download the necessary files and follow the instructions. Once you’ve done that, you should be able to enjoy all the benefits of a stable camera once again.

How to install MIUI China on Mi 10T Pro?

Before you can install MIUI China on your Mi 10T Pro, you’ll need to unlock the bootloader. This can be done by following these steps. Once the bootloader is unlocked, you can then flash the MIUI China ROM using either fastboot or recovery mode. You can use MIUI Downloader for download latest MIUI China ROM. For detailed instructions on how to do this, you can refer to this guide. Once the ROM is flashed, your phone will reboot and you’ll be able to enjoy all the features of MIUI China. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to receive OTA updates from Xiaomi if you’re running MIUI China Beta or Root, so you’ll need to manually update the ROM when a new version is released.

To install Mi 10T Pro MIUI China Camera Fix, you have to flash Magisk 24.3 after flashing MIUI China ROM. You will got fix this Mi 10T Pro problem.

How to Install Mi 10T Pro MIUI China Camera Fix?

The Mi 10T Pro MIUI China Camera Fix can be installed with Magisk. If you have an Magisk you can simply flash the camera fix ZIP file as Magisk Module. You can follow these steps to install the Mi 10T Pro MIUI China Camera Fix:

  • Download the ZIP file from the link below and transfer it to your phone’s internal storage.
  • Open Magisk Manager and enter Modules tab
  • Tap install from storage button
  • Select downloaded file and tap install.
  • Reboot your phone

Download Mi 10T Pro MIUI China Camera Fix here

Camera issue on Mi 10T Pro Xiaomi EU Custom ROM is Fixed!

The xiaomi.eu custom ROM for Mi 10T was also working on Mi 10T Pro. However, there were reports of camera not working properly on Mi 10T Pro Xiaomi eu Custom Rom. But, the developers have finally fixed it and the camera is now working fine. If you are using Mi 10T Pro, you can upgrade to the MIUI 13 version.

Camera is working on Mi 10T Pro Xiaomi eu now!

So, the Mi 10T Pro’s camera, as mentioned previously, was broken on Xiaomi.eu for a while, due to blob mismatching. There was a fix for this, by replacing the Mi 10T’s blobs with the ones from the Mi 10 Pro, but this led to OIS being broken, and the storage reporting as 512 GB instead of the devices native storage. But, the Xiaomi.eu team has finally fixed this issue in their most recent MIUI 13 build, and it is currently available for users to download on SourceForge. The developer announced it on the Xiaomi.eu forums, yesterday at around 5pm. This issue was considered one of the fatal flaws of Xiaomi.eu for the Mi 10T Pro.

Here is the forum post announcing the fix:

This is very exciting for Mi 10T Pro users, due to the fact that this has been a massive issue for the device for a while. We’re happy that this issue has been resolved, and hope that the users can enjoy their phones again. You can read more about this on the official release page for xiaomi.eu, linked here, and you can download the ROM here. Do you also use Xiaomi.eu on your device? Let us know about your experience in our Telegram chat, which you can join here.

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