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Does Xiaomi Have its Own OS?

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Xiaomi, which has made record sales in the smartphone market, continues the same success on the software side. The company’s MI user interface is installed on tens of millions of devices, and its applications are also attracting great attention. If so, ’’Does Xiaomi have its own OS?’’ brings to mind the question. It is known that the MI user interface is built on the Android operating system and does not give up on it.

Does Xiaomi have its own OS?

Xiaomi uses MIUI as the interface. This is not an OS. However, it is a case in the style of a Xiaomi theme crafted on Android. Does Xiaomi have its own OS? That is why it is a question on people’s minds. It has a stock ROM with a Xiaomi MIUI interface using an Android base.

Can Google be used on Xiaomi Smartphones?

Those who are stuck on the question of ”Does Xiaomi have its own OS?” may think that Google is not used in the Xiaomi brand. The bans experienced by the Huawei brand are not found in Xiaomi, Xiaomi phones that are still running Android-based can still use google applications. Xiaomi phones still use the Google Play Store, just like other Android phones.

Is MIUI interface a Good Interface?

People are attracted to interfaces rather than the android sub-base. Because this interface is the part that a user will use the most while using his phone. The answer to the question of ”Does Xiaomi have its own OS?” is no. They are devices with a Xiaomi Android base and MIUI interface.

MIUI, on the other hand, is liked by users as a very useful interface. This interface, which comes as stock on Xiaomi phones, can be changed quite easily if you are a little experienced. Although it has useful features, many users want to change this interface.

What if Xiaomi developed an Operating System?

Looking at Xiaomi’s wide user portfolio, the OS will not be that difficult to deploy. Although it is not suitable for current devices, the operating system would expect to be used in new Xiaomi smartphones that will be released in the coming years.

Even if the question is very curious, it seems out of the question for Xiaomi to make an operating system at the moment. There is an operating system that they have tried before (though to be rumored) and its name is miOS. Even if the success of Xiaomi is not to be underestimated, it is a very difficult thing to make an operating system, as we said.

As long as they have to deal with it, it will be unnecessary for them. Thanks to the MIUI interface installed on the Android base, it would be a very bad situation for users to have their devices working in good condition with another operating system and full of bugs.

MIUI interface

Xiaomi, which works great with this interface, of course, maybe one day it will want its interface. As we have mentioned, Xiaomi is a brand whose success is really fast. However, other rival Android device brands such as Samsung still do not have their operating systems. This is not a necessary issue either, using the Android operating system and switching to a new operating system, since it is an operating system that users have been using for a long time, has few bugs.


We all learned that Xiaomi does not have its own operating system, but it has its interface, which is great and appreciated by almost every Xiaomi users. If you are thinking diving into a Xiaomi ecosystem, you should consider that it uses Android operating system, but its own interface.

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