Get Monet theming on MIUI!

Google brought wallpaper based dynamic theming with Android 12. Pixel phones and AOSP based custom ROMs quickly adapted to the Google’s new theming but this is not the case for MIUI right now. The system UI and supported apps are automatically given the colors from your wallpaper by the theme engine. In early builds of Android 12, Google’s Pixel smartphones have been the only ones to provide this amazing feature but later on Monet theming has now been fully open sourced by Google with Android 12L, so with that being said it will be easier to see it on different ROMs.

There aren’t many stock roms which support Monet theming at the moment. A developer made Monet theming running on MIUI. Go to his Telegram channel through this link. As Monet was introduced with Android 12 you must use a MIUI version with Android 12 base.

Get Monet theming on MIUI with root!

This is possible with the help of a Magisk module. Here is the list of notes published by the developer about this module.

July 08, 2022 Notes

  • With the latest update, we only support System UI Plugin version 13.0.2.xx and higher
  • Restart SystemUI is mandatory for changing Control Center after changing the theme or wallpaper.
  • No restart needed for changing Settings, Dialer, Contacts, and Messaging after changing theme or wallpaper. Simply “Force Stop” the app.
  • To switch between default and themed icons, reflash the module and select a version.
  • The Settings app also links to other apps such as Security, cleaner, permissions, themes, notifications, launcher, etc. These apps are not monet themed yet. Please do not report such apps.
  • We won’t support custom icons & custom Control Center from custom MIUI ROMs / modules.

Monet theming screenshots

Here are some screenshots with the effect of this module. Currently several apps are supported. On our attempt, blue wallpaper was applied.

Here are the some screenshots in the Settings app.


Quick tiles and volume rocker

Phone and messaging app

Get this module on Telegram channel which you can access here. What do you think about Monet theming? Please let us know what you think in the comments.

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