Here is how to take screenshot of secured content on Xiaomi phones.

Here is the MIUI’s most powerful Xposed module, Cemiuiler lets you to take screenshot anywhere even if the app you’re using blocks you from taking screenshots. Cemiuiler is a combination of multiple modules with lots of features but in this article, we will demonstrate how to take screenshots of apps that don’t allow doing it.

Take screenshot of any secured content

Some apps including content streaming services, banking apps, shopping apps and some communication apps prevent taking screenshots inside the app for a variety of reasons and this is actually quite annoying for some users and there is an easy way to bypass it.

While it may seem beneficial to take screenshots in all applications, if you have a banking app on your phone, you might want to think again. Decide which apps you want to use this feature on and use this module as you wish.

First things first you need to get root access on your phone and LSPosed installed. If you don’t know how to install LSPosed through Magisk, visit our previously shared guide here: LSPosed Framework: What is it and how to install

  • Once you have configured LSPosed, you can proceed to download Cemiuiler from GitHub. Install the APK file and activate the module through LSPosed and restart your device. Apply recommended apps and open the Cemiuiler app.
  • Open the Cemiuiler app and a comprehensive list of system applications should appear. You can try other mods as well but to be able to take screenshot anywhere, tap System Framework.
  • In the System Framework menu, tap other then scroll down.
  • In this section find the “Allow screenshot” toggle and enable it. (Allows screenshots and screen recordings of any app)

Once you have enabled this toggle, reboot your device and enjoy being able to take screenshots on restricted apps. You can visit the Cemiuiler’s official website here.

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